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NOTICE ARCHIVE - 13/06/2022

The complexity and creation of nature is beyond our understanding. Still we want to master the nature, maybe even master God? Our soul is still wrapped in secrets, so if we not are able to understand the spirit and meaning of life, how can we be the Masters of life on Earth? But some persons in position of global leadership - we will not call them elite as their own media do - tell us how we shall live in the future. Dependent on AI, electricity and internet (or later some similar and more modern contol waves) and depraved of private belongings. That is just crap and far away from human standards. But if you want it - they can do it!

Some people are reacting, like this guy here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5TxEwrzijkU&list=WL&index=2

Nice try, but his call for community is a shout in the dark, a little desperate. It takes time to create a healthy community. Centuries.... And even if - hopefully, he manage to gather some good people he wants,  the mayority, the masses will continue in naivity and blind belief in the invisible Big Brother. At least in West. Asia and Africa have other conditions.The Christians had their Godfather, but nowadays they have switched to atheism and trust the State instead. The Government will cuddle and care every particular being. Specially you, the favorite child, not true?

The crime organization in leadership (yes, it is criminal and they are preparing for crime against humanity) has been in power for long time and they are very discreet and tight connected. Conspiration theory going on now? No, I will not label anybody, why waste precious time on  provoking justice and the crime syndicates naif army of fans? Even if I had the pleasure to unpunished make free speech, it would not change much. Because the syndicate has created a system where media, justice, finances and politics are very well connected so a frontal attack will not work. It has been tried before and failed. After the last failure against this Global power, the Western World where suddenly brought into a big trap of apparent freedom,(they called it Democracy) which has served to weaken the spirit and force of the individ, the family and the nation.

However, there are at least two things to do which can turn the game. 1. Starve the monster. That means abandon overconsumption and turn the back to the commerce of broken dreams. Just buy what you really need and try a more independent living together with locals. Keep as big distance as possible to authorities.  2.Join real communities. Definitively not "social networks" on line. No, gather with people close to you. The monster used America to spoil family and nation and believe in money and individualism. Instead, believe in the tools which, at the best, just serve for surveillance. Unfortunately it is tricky for Westerns to pick up the natural social living from old times. But in Asia, many know it. They know by culture how to collaborate, not by political demand to be social, that is just tragic and stupid western distortion.What is artificial, to new and implemented by force or money will never work in the long run.

Instead of feeding the global monster, gather together with the ones who are physical and cultural close to you. That is how we will turn the evil globalism to prosperous localism.
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