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NOTICE ARCHIVE - 22/06/2022

Maybe, but there are more rational arguments.

As the World is facing more challenges, soon leading to havoc, the hunting for scape goats rises. Yes, it exists conspirations and also very smart and evil minds with horrific plans are out there. But big conspirations, engineered in a global level, it is to go to far. What it is all about is that opporunists are always quick to take advantage of the ever changing conditions.

The events come and go and take some unexpected scrolls, settles, heaves and rolls, like an unmaneuverable ship in the storm. Or, like a drunkard, late in the night on going/creeping/rolling home. When the unpleasant surprises happens, most of us are unprepared. But not the opportunists. They are smart people and in constant attention. And when they are gathered and work in well organized teams, they are really succesful. And dangerous. The naif and helpless drunkard on his or her way home can be "liberated" from the wallet or maybe also from the pants. The poor guy wakes up the next day, with pain, in best case, just pain in an empty pocket. If not mugged, the pain is just in the head.

That is the normal and expected result from the yesterday´s debauchery. Some people try to blow our brains out, if not with booze or drugs, with stupid meaningless entertainment. It seems like the brain is superfluos for the most people, like a fruit core. Are body and flesh the central part in life and the mind just disturbing? Are those people responsible for the global mess and maybe we do not have to go more far than to you and me to find at least some evidences? The opportunists are just like crows, sitting on a high, or otherwise strategic positiion, and peeping for the right opportunity. Are you the one giving it to them?

So, like this, just to mention some examples: Engineers, from ancient Babylon and Egypt to France and England have invented mechanisms and tools to make hard and painful work more tolerable for the body. Now, automization is used to discard humans once at all. Some students in the 70´s in Silicon Valley turned the boring time to something funny, experimenting with PC:s. Their playing turned to progress and the fruits of the progress, tools for communication and information, turned later to efficient maqueavelic control systems for suppression. Just to not mention the same seeds leading to AI, the outsourcing of our human brain.   Small sweet fruits turns to giant monsterplants when the opportunists take over.

Want a good hint? Don´t feed the opportunists.
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