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NOTICE ARCHIVE - 25/07/2022

100 years ago, in the 1920´s, Germany wished to be free from foreign dominance, poverty and instability. Highways became the key for freedom. The German government had glanced at Italy which had become the first European country to build motorways exclusively reserved for motor vehicles, Autostrada (it.), Kraftwagenbahn (ger.). The motorway from Milan to Lago Como was a project by Piero Puricelli, a civil engineer and entrepreneur. He received the first authorization in 1921 and completed the construction (one lane each direction) between 1924 and 1926.
America already had 1 car per every 5 persons. England and France had 1 car per 25 persons. In Germany, only 1% of the population owned a car. The government decided to change this. They started sketching on some projects, then with new progressive government on the arena, the drawer were the project waited for finance was pulled out and Germany dramatically went into action.

Germany should soon become the country with the best infrastructure in the World. 1928, the first motorway was completed between Köln and Bonn, an initiative by Konrad Adenauer, at that time prefect of Köln. The national government studied a link from the three Hansa-cities Lübeck, Bremen and Hamburg to cross all the country down to Basel and perhaps later to connect to the Italian Autostrada. A Project was initiated for the first phase, 98km between Frankfurt, Mannheim and Heidelberg, but the government did not know how to finance such a big enterprise. First after the election 1933, the German Workers Party NSDAP was elected for the government and money and efforts started to flood into big constructions and industrial enterprises.

Thanks to efficient and skilled politicians and entrepreneurs it was possible to work out a well conducted program in short time. The investment in infrastructure would lift many Germans from poverty to prosperity and the whole nation would prosper. Unfortunately, the second World War put a tragic stop of the progress. But, Germany later made a strong come back based on the philosophy of a strong spirit. The war killed bodies, but all souls did not turn down in desperation. Still, in all misery, enough Germans had the spirit to rebuild and come back.

Today the typical Western politician is inefficient, ignorant and incompetent, only having the skills to gain more time on power before she get voted out and substituted by a new crooked one. If they at least could take a time and read a little history? And specially, understand what they read. Instead, they make up what they can to censor and blackout all kind of previous leader competence we can pick up from history.

The video linked below shall not be understood as a receipt to correct the present mess. Huge construction enterprises which may have served those ancient times, seems to have the opposite effect today. If the problem yesterday was slim size for welfare, today the problem is oversize. That time it was about to rise workers and un-employed from poverty. Massive infra structure projects turned out to solve the question. But, unfortunately, it made the door wide open for the environment and consumption problems we face today. Those days it was too early to foresse the severe consequences and also armed conflicts were soon urging all attention. Even so, the German government under the 1930´s realized the clouds on the horizon with wise care and foresight and tried to mitigate the side effects. 1936 Germany introduced the first environment laws in the World, together with anti-smoking campaigns and protection for animals, laws far beyond the actual time. But the progress advanced fast in the hands of the Americans, a people who years earlier were creative and hardworking, now in the hands of aliens who had hijacked their government, justice and media and the Americans changed under the decades their healthy lifestyle to a overwight decadence, turning consumption to religion. Fake news and propaganda showed the World how happy Americans would be by overconsumption, smoking and cruising. Finally this icone is revealed.

What to learn about the incredible German force to build up a broken country? That we need leaders who make teams. Locally established and accepted leaders in the whole chain from family to nation. Focus more on culture, family and religion/philosophy instead of consumption of things, fast food and wokeness. Acceptance of the Creation and care about the environment by slowing down the consumption instead of introducing more artificial energy and only creating more waste. Intelligent and local use of a minimum of natural resources, instead of the exploration hysteria. And first of all, wise, active and brave leadership instead of over-safe bullshit talking. Look at the video and keep in mind that we can learn about how important respect for the work, enthusiasm and competent organization is for any enterprise.

Video “Die Reichsautobahn“: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8POPs0YhsQk&t=1194s

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