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Morning spirit
NOTICE ARCHIVE - 28/08/2018

You hold a cup of coffee,
someone pass by
and accidentally touch your arm,


You spill coffee everywhere


Why did you spill coffee ?
Because someone hit you?


Or did you spill coffee
because your cup contained it? .
If your cup contained tea,
shouldn´t you spill tea?
Whatever is in the cup,
is what will spill out.



The cup is like a mind
Bad times come
hit you and shake you,
whatever is in your mind will slip out.

What is in your cup?
When something shakes your life,
What will you spill ?


Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, loyalty, meekness, self-mastery, or anger, bitterness and even let insults come out of your mouth from your mind?


You decide for yourself


Remember whatever shakes you is not an external factor
It is your response and your reaction


Morning spirit,  to make the day lighter and better

Be as the sun. Positive rays make things grow.

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