Paths for freedom and progress
NOTICE ARCHIVE - 02/09/2018

1. Religion makes you bow your head and watch your shoes. Spirituality frees you,making you look up, with head up, towards the sky and the birds.

2. Religion introduces fear; Spirituality shows how to fight. Persistance, concentration and independence.

3. Religion shows you made answers. Spirituality shows the way you find it yourself.

4. Religion separates you from other people and religions.  Spirituality connects and unites everything.

5. Religion makes you dependent. Spirituality makes you independent.

6. Religion applies punishment. Spirituality teaches consequences (karma)

7. Religion makes you follow in the footsteps of others. Spirituality invites you to take your own path.

8. Religion requires that you just believe unconditionally Spirituality explains the mechanisms and relationships.

9. Religion views God as being out there, over you.  Spirituality sees God as deepest in all creation.

10. Religion (especially exoteric) prohibits inner training. Spirituality actually introduces you to a wide world within and invites you to cultivate it.

11. Religion is based on holy books / books analyzed by different movements, like lawyers can interpret the Law. Spirituality invites you to read the nature both outside and inside and make your own conclusion – without needing some “illsuion maker”.

12. Religion make limits. Spirituality breaks these boundaries so that you see that everything is reasonable and has its own meaning as a great unity.

13. Religion and science cannot be united. Spirituality is in line with science.

14. Religion disconnects from reality and promotes illusions and fiction.  Spirituality connects to reality.

15. Religion requires membership and ties to a particular institution / label. Spirituality leads to self-liberation from any identity.

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