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NOTICE ARCHIVE - 06/12/2018

Why did it happen? What went wrong? “It was a communication failure”. “We have to talk”. “We must have a meeting”. That is what we hear if something goes wrong. And the immediate reaction is: We must talk more. We must have more communication. One more meeting. But this is what people normally do today, but the problems continue. People normally talk TOO MUCH instead of too little. A lot of talkin´ and not any walkin´. More chat than action. Time consuming meetings. And so on….
Is the problem LACK OF UNDERSTANDING instead of lack of communication?


Most people today live in big cities. Living in small villages is more and more rare. A small closed community offers perhaps not so many options for work and joy, but one will certainly better understand fellows and neighbors in a small community. Talk the same dialect and share the same costumes. Eventually a little bit boring, but you know what all things around you are about. You can dislike, not agree, or hate, but you will UNDERSTAND your kinsmen. You will be able to communicate, more things with less words, so much can be understood withput words when people know each other well. In a meltpot, a big anonymous community, you can communicate and talk all the time, it goes into one ear, and out from the other, without any reaction.


This is not a call to run away from the big community and knock on the gate to any remote village. Living can also be OK in big cities and our situation with work and family may not allow a radical change. But – just trying to unmask one of the biggest contemporary myths: Communication and talking are not too less; Perhaps too much? And with too poor content. The problem is rather the lack of understanding in what is being communicated.. And to avoid any trouble with some PC  laws, the communication must be very mainstream and inoffensive, almost every word must first be put on a balance before it leave the mouth. If what will be said is expected, it is already well known, so why listen?



Most part of communication and writing has transformed to a  bla-bla-bla, apparently like the “Duck speak” (Orwell, 1984) where the communication turned to just a social time-killer. In reports and manuals, you can throw away more than 90% to garbage as it doesn´t give you any kind of useful information. You already have heard it 1000 times or it is out of scope.

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