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Digital Genocide
NOTICE ARCHIVE - 26/01/2019

IT-related activities can be time consuming. We spend a lot of time in front of electronic devices and for every day, we are more and more dependent and obeying. We are more and more tricked to the waste of time, to updates, to password paranoia. We click OK on contracts we never read.  Seems like any command from our internet connected devices is obeyed in total submission. Is internet freedom or is it slavery? What started as a nice opportunity for freedom and access to free and unmanipulated information is fast turning to and quite opposite direction.


How much time do we spend to patiently wait for updates or web connection?  No signal. Slow network, software do not work as it should, login, forced password alteration, controls, registration, extended clicking due to substandard programming – or due to malicious commercial strategy, new freaked out functions, nerd philosophy, cruel effects of virus attacks, time waste when antivirus defends your computer, blackout of Internet…….


Your life is in the hands of nerds, representing what else from criminal syndicates to government to banks to business.


This is not rock´n roll, this is not human, this is digital genocide.

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