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25 years without Frank Zappa
NOTICE ARCHIVE - 27/01/2019

The legendary guitar player, music compositor and overall funny guy left us 4th of December 1993,  25 years ago, only some weeks before his 53d birthday. His satiric critics over the American lifestyle and its extraordinary stupidity was understood by few, but trustworthy fans. He spoke out about issues people normally don´t speak about. Or better, do not dare to speak about. High intelligence, determined, good character, big heart, but very little patience with ordinary stupid couchpotatoes. And zero tolerance with unskilled professionals, specially the ones less interested in the quality of their work than in money.


In a 10 hours interview you can see what kind of man Frank Zappa was. Here is an interview collection 1967 – 1993:  //www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPDc6VHT-mc
A lot of interesting quotes can be extracted from this package of Interview, for example after 9 hours, about 9:37:40 - 9:39:00, he reveals he was nearly a vegetarian , saying:  Tobacco is my favorite vegetable.

In the beginning of the interviews, 6.30 to 12 minutes after start, he wipes the floor with a naíf leftist journalist. The journalist question Frank Zappas lifestyle, questioning Zappas moral right to choose a Cadillac as transport middle. Frank Zappa returns: “Do you think someone gave me a Cadillad? No, I worked for it”. Zappa get tired and say to the cameraman “ Hang the camera to this guy, ladies and gentlemen, this is a classical example of a jerk as a interviewer.


Frank Zappa had a cynic human vision: Don´t expect anything from people. If something good happens, it´s bonus.

Frank Zappa on Mankind:  //www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-iqifrXT44
Zappa Private Life Story :  //www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1zx1Jc9wZI

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