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Expect nothing from "God"
NOTICE ARCHIVE - 27/03/2019

We can see the traces. Nations with the religious tradition of “the one and only God” have the main part of the population dependent on “Gods will”. When problems come, just pray for protection and wealth. Hand out, perhaps it works. If not, reclaim on external causes and wait for “God´s will”.
However, when the clouds of problems are absent and the sky apparent forever clear, few have time for “God”. Such nice days could be used for virtuos actions, like teaching, learning, making preparations for difficult times, enjoying in spiritual progress and helping others. Frequently, the best time is wasted on self-cherishing and meaningless entertainment playing. When bad times return, “God” is again praised and charged.


The lack of own responsibility and accountability, the lack of self-discipline must of course be compensated by external forces. The need of a belief in a superior power is necessary. “God” is born.
Looking back in ancient times, when knowledge of the cause of Natural phenomenon was limited, it is understandable that the belief in “God” really was important. The lack of understanding of complex events could only be explained by the presence of superior power.
People got used to it and could with the help of “God” put aside desperate attempts of intellectual analyze in frustration to try to understand the surrounding complexity. The belief in “superior power” became consolidated and refined over centuries.


Industrialization came, starting in France and England some 300 years ago, reaching all Europe 150 years later, expanded to America where it was enhanced to more efficiency, and today, exploding in Asia, with China in the front. Satellites and instruments monitor meteorology and geology, communication is developed in excellence. Main part of the World join the comfortable material life the technological progress offers. In consequence, religious belief goes down. But belief in the “superior” not. People do not in just a few generations change their inner pattern of behavior, but they easy change their objects and forms of estimation. Used to believe in the invisible superior power, “God” is substituted by other forms of invisible superpowers. Enter the welfare socialist Big Brother State, international trusts and the IT-systems. That is how it works today. People still prefer to carry as less responsibility as possible and instead adopt to any invisible superior command. 


The new “Gods”, represented by distanced governments and complex IT-systems are as invisible as before, they are as always manipulated by the few persons which interests they serve. Only the form has changed. The best way to freedom is to invest with your own efforts in your education and sovereign status, be responsible and share knowledge, experience, love and spiritual teaching to others, free, so mainstream ignorance and submission can be substituted by wise actions and independence.

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