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Fire In Brazil
NOTICE ARCHIVE - 29/08/2019

Part of Amazonas is burning, mostly in the Southern periphery, since long time ago already in parts transformed by farms and villages. In extreme drought, these things happens also over the World, very often in Australia, California and Chile, just to take some examples. But when it happens in Brazil, the main stream mídia take up the old argument, ¨Amazonas the World Lung¨. Then it is more a case for other countries, for the World Community, as the Brazilians seem totally incompetent to care about their own environment.


In fact, this is totally wrong. Brazil has one of the Worlds most rigid environment laws, many feel it is TOO rigid. Just cutting one tree in your own garden must be approved. And in reforestation, cutting down all the trees over big areas, like in Sweden, is forbidden, the trees must be cut in a selective way. Hunting is not allowed. So, why insist media to attack Brazil so hard in environment issues?


Jair Bolsonaro, the president of Brazil, says that in the last 22 years (1995 to 2016) Brazil has been looted and made a dwarf in its international relations. About the twisted news about Amazonia, he quoted Eneas and published a video of one of his speech:


 “You see, the United States, England, Germany, has zero concern for Indians. This is small talk, this is bullshit, this is talk for those who are dumb, for those who have cerebral hypoxia, ”said Enéas. “The fact is that the Amazon rainforest is the future of the planet. That's where the energy will come from which will move the World, ”said Enéas Carneiro former president candidate.  The video (in Portuguese) shoes Eneas entire speech :




Eneas talked about  the importance for the Brazilian people to worry about their property, the rich and gigantic Amazon region , he urged the Brazilians to stand up and defend nation and rainforest against invaders , who flows in to the remote regions in the shape of investors, missionaries as well as militar.


The question of Amazonas is not about what is the best for Amazonas and the environment. It is about assets like energy, mining and oil. Foreign manipulators use Environment as argument to take over Amazonas and its enormous natural resources.

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