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Love the Nature or hate the people ?
NOTICE ARCHIVE - 24/09/2019

This time the doomsday prophet was represented by an emotionally instable little Swedish Girl, convinced the meaning of her Life is to protect the Nature. With threat, with hate, with uncontrolled hysterical outbursts she performs in public, like in September 2019 in the Environmental Congress of United Nations. Pity to see and it doesn´t work.

//www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDXKTXuM2TY (Source: Sky News Australia)


People will start to care about Nature only when they see a vantage for themselves. They will not be scared by an instable teenager and they will absolutely not welcome governmental interference in more rigid laws, new taxes and more prohibitions.


Buddhists believe in cycles after cycles of reincarnation. Few Buddhists wish to be reborn in an ashtray. So they care about Nature. Why care if you believe in an abstract paradise, far away from the contaminated World, or agnostic view, all is over, take advantage of the moment. And if reincarnation exist or not, is not relevant in this case, but if people have the faith of repetitions of life in infinity, the logical reaction is to care about our future.


If Nature is beautiful, if Nature is present, if the perfumes of Nature fill your nose, if the sound of birds cherish your ears, then you will like it, you will care about it.


The environment message can be positive: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pwsqto7yeYU (Source Jonna Jinton).  We like better to care about something we love instead of being ordered to hate and destroy what the leftist agenda define as environment enemies.

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