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The worst enemy of USA is….USA !
NOTICE ARCHIVE - 29/07/2020

The new scape goat for Washington is China. China is now the greatest threat to the United States.  The “Land of Free” has always needed an enemy after the First World War put them into the International arena. First against Germany and Japan, with smart propaganda and tons of money, USA painted themselves as a kind of liberator. It was just the beginning, the Wolf Perpetrator dressed like a lamb, the Liberator Lamb. And in the beginning, the world believed in the story. After the Soviet Union’s breakdown and the containment of militant Islam, bombing in Vietnam, Africa and Middle East, it’s now China’s turn to be the bogeyman. And the US is stronger than ever, militarily.

But “The Marines” cannot fight the existential problems the nation faces, because it is not from other countries or non-state actors; it is its own worst enemy.

Civilisations, most of them empires, almost inevitably died by their own sword, rather than someone else’s. For sure, foreign forces and external factors often give the coup de grâce, but the fallen empire has already become rotten to the core. There is no richer or more powerful nation in the history of the world than the US. Yet by most social and human development measures, it is behind practically all high-income, developed countries.

Key threats to the survival of a civilisation include environmental degradation, centralization, inequality and oligarchy. Of all the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries, the “Land of Free” is the only one where the richer you are, the lower your overall tax rates get. No other developed country has experienced a greater slowdown in the lifespans of its citizens in the last three decades or greater economic and social and political inequalities. No other country have such an astronomic debt, today more than 20 trillion US$.

Americans pay significantly more for mobile phone service and medicines than people in many other countries. Its health costs are the highest in the world, yet health coverage is the lowest among OECD member states. No other developed country puts more of its own citizens behind bars, with a much higher incarceration rate measured per 100,000 population, than the US. No other country has such a distinct race order. The Americans instinctively radically put themselves in a racial group, White, Black, Latino, Native or Asian, to just mention some of the divisions. 

No other country is so hypocratic. Especially about race, sex and religion. US – you are real disgusting and what you have done with the rest of the World – extermination of the culture of Europe, exploring and bombing Asia, Middle East, South America and Africa. They have the worst Karma ever reached by a Nation in the History. Ginghis Khan, Caligula, Stalin, just to mention some of the “bad guys”, are far beyond the US in evilness.  I feel sad for the American kids, they are innocent but they will soon pay the price. That is just how Natural Law works.

Karma comes.
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