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Asia versus Europe
NOTICE ARCHIVE - 12/08/2020

Asia versus Europe and America

Or call it Strength versus Weakness. You can even call it Intolerance versus Tolerance. Whatever you call it, whatever you believe in, the future will give the answer. Or better, only the survivor will be the one who walks and talks.


India, China, Indonesia and lots of other Asian countries have big and efficient armies. They recruit and attract exactly the type of person they’re looking for, people who don’t want to take the easy path. Their recruiting campaigns shows the sacrifices soldiers make… the early mornings, the long days, the hunger, the dirt, the pain and the time away from family. The difficult life attracts fighters and repel losers.

Like in this example from China:

Peace behind me, war in front of me.

Asian nations are paying and sometimes forcing people to work. The most of them also try to make business operate at normal capacity. They promote work, studies, production, yes any contribution to a healthy economy of their nation. Maybe sometimes the very hard way, but it’s the hard way which leads to the future.


Different to Asia, in the Western side of the Globe, economic prosperity is no longer the priority. Rather than work, produce and contribute to a healthy society with strong economy, many citizens tremble, terrified of a virus, locked indoors and dependent on mother government.

Those countries make their citizens focus rather on virus, diversity and inclusion, instead of work and business. They pay people NOT TO WORK and rack up limitless amounts of debt, print infinite quantities of money, make interest rates negative - all to protect people from Covid, regardless of the cost to the economy or individual liberty.
If economic prosperity were still the priority of media, angry voters would have revolted against this irrational, destructive behaviour. Universities, which should prioritize scientific advancement, vigorous debate, and the transfer of knowledge to the next generation, have embraced weakness and become intolerant of any intellectual dissident.

The new priorities extend to national defence. Western Army’s priority is now diversity and inclusion. It’s no longer about defending the nation, and, if necessary, fighting. Ultimately it is about cultivate weakness. A weaker national defence, a weaker economy, a weaker and more fractured society.

The Army’s new priority seems to show how politically correct they are, and to make new recruits feel safe and happy… as opposed to building a lethal, highly effective fighting force.

Look at British soldiers on a combat patrol in the mountains of Afghanistan

Suddenly the mission stops… one of the soldiers is Muslim and needs to pray. The soldiers shushes the radio operator. The entire war stops in the moment of pray. Nice. If more people understood the words from Mohammed, the one and only prophet, or the life philosophy of Buddhism, we could sure be quit the whole freaking war. No need. But I don´t think the enemy will stop attack in spite of a British pause in war, regardless how noble the motive is. 

Another example is this:

General Per Micael Bydén, the Supreme Commander of the Swedish Armed Forces shows up the modern Swedish recruiting campaign.

It’s hard to imagine any nation thriving long-term when it consistently cultivates weakness. Even if culture, languages and traditions still consist a barrier between Europe and Asia, it is today much more easy to understand Asia.
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