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NOTICE ARCHIVE - 29/11/2020

The West, once a time so rich, is sliding downhills to poverty. But not for all. Some few individs retains an extremely power they never will get enough of, as they always will aim for the ultimate power. The Supreme power over the Universe. And it seems that it will go right easy, too easy. 
The fruits of human existence , matured by hard work, creative inventions, smart administration, careful politics is fast going to consolidate in the pockets of the very few.
Digital technique, once understood as beneficial for the main stream population, understood to bring free speech, education, comfort, safety, freedom, has turned to be the very opposite. Today, it appears to be a threat, the ultimate theft. Theft of all your property as well as transformation of a small remaining of freedom to a specie of slavery. The threat is as invisible as spiritual phenom. The digital world is everywhere, it penetrates bodies like ghosts.

Some technical traps we are facing:
Credit card, mass print worthless notes or digital currency, whatever it is now coming up,  your money is now made by fictive 0 and 1.
Leased or shared vehicles – you will not own your car anymore, not even a bicycle. 
The bank already owns your real estate, not true? If you even consider you as owner. Or, not owner of house or apartment, you may pay expensive rent.
Your knowledge – only digital information. Is even external hard disk safe anymore?
High technology devices. OK, they are yours, but do you manage to repair and find spare parts without being dependent on some of the few multinational IT-companies?
Is it possible to live without cellphone? Or without any part in this phone. For example the battery or charger? 
You must rely on government supply of electricity. Or if you buy your own sun panels, you cannot manufacture any vital parts of them yourself or ask somebody you know to make a copy. Maybe you can build some hydro- or wind-generator by old stuff, but remember to keep the transmission line under straight control, in a short future cupper and mechanical devices will be attractive hardware.
You own a land, but do you own the airspace where suddenly strange uninvited flying devices like drones will visit you? Certainly just for your own best, to check up you are OK.
Food. You can still buy it with your digital currency, but if it lacks in the shop, do you or anybody nearby you plant, breed, fish, slaughter and cultivate?
So that´s it, and now even your social life, some net community, is exposed and depends to the blessings of  DIGGO, the digital government.

Devolution instead of evolution. Weakness and regress.
Biological changes make part of evolution. (Or rather in this case, devolution of progress, recession). For example, it seems possible in a few years that:
The physical attributes of female and men turns similar towards quite equal;
Average men will not be able to lift more than 10 kg;
Intolerance for temperatures 25 degrees ±2 °C;                                                                     
Average body weight > 100 kg;
Allergy against most natural food;
Must use mask or special respiratory device to breath;
No resistance, will always need vaccine, vitamin supplies and drugs;
If some of the devices from your daily use disappears or is damaged, can you step in to the forest and carve out a sparepart from a wood stick? Or ask some craftsmen in the nearest periphery, lets say 10, or 100 km around you, to fix a new spare part? Maybe you do not even find it in your country?

Digital government, invisible ghost.

Countries still in a traditional level, still using money, people still owing their own land, having goats, ducks etc. will not suffer, not yet. But what can those people set up when BIG DIGGO turns the eye on them??
BIG DIGGO, the digital government as invisible as a ghost, with your full agreement, commit now the perfect and ultimate theft.  Say goodbye to property  and liberty. Or, wake up from comfort and laziness and do what is necessary to be free, speak out loud, fight for your rights and do not accept to be gathered in a box like cattle.

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