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Lining up for battle
NOTICE ARCHIVE - 27/02/2021

The gender war is old. The race war is slow, does not really start, even if eager Marxists try to lit the fire. City against country has become an inert, low-intensity conflict. Right to left have fallen apart in civil war. Transgender people's war against women who believe that women really exist is an exotic input. Fun for a while, but you get tired soon. So, we need a new, large front. Where it will be is obvious.

The other day, a young woman spoke in radio about her COVID-19 anxiety. She was self-quarantined, for no reason. She washed her hands until they bled. It was a pity for her. Fact: Some people have died of COVID-19 infection since the pandemic started. For people under 30 years, these are isolated cases. A large majority of them had underlying diseases. So young people are not immortal. But not in big danger, like younger men under wartime, supposed to be drafted to the front.

Should one feel sorry for terrified young people, despite the fact that COVID-19 completely made them lose their proportions? Should one wave encouragingly at a distance of two meters?
No, you should tell them to stand up. Foolishness is contagious. This is exactly here we need to build up our new front. Their antidote to fear is always to ban, silence, moralize, brand, regulate, teach. Young people are terrified of everything, from viruses and the climate, avoiding to use any word that some minority can be harassed by. Fear is cooked into a mixture of passive and active aggression against others.

Young people become appear like those space lizards who want to enslave us in science fiction stories. They look like us, they sound like us, but beneath the smooth skin and thick hair hides an abyss of totalitarian slime. This young generation may wash their hands until they bleed, but they have actually found themselves at ease in COVID-19 era, because they love to be private cops. They are so hungry for absolute authority that they join up for any crazy totalitarian law.

This young generation is applying to universities to prevent free debate. They want "safe rooms". It is a generation that believes that certain words and formulations are to be equated with violent crimes and should therefore be banned and punished. They demand public self-examination, as during the Cultural Revolution. They are deeply serious. This is a young generation where those who lean a little to the left think it would be a good idea to create a Communist society. The genocides and the repression do not worry them, because they " did not live during that time".

 This is a young generation that recruits quislings and generational traitors among some seniors. Principals and editors, professors and writers of middle age and above are terrified not to keep up. So, they line up and defend. Just like some people always do with the space lizards in science fiction stories. A tip: It will always end up with the lizards eating the collaborators.
We need a new, broad front against the young, terrified totalitarianism. A ruthless attack against the safe rooms. Predators who do not allow themselves to be fooled by the snowflake society are welcome to join the battle.  
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