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NOTICE ARCHIVE - 03/03/2021

The United Nations is an international organization founded in 1945.  It is currently made up by 193 Member States (of the 195 countries in the World/TN). It can take action on the issues confronting humanity in the 21st century, such as peace and security, climate change, sustainable development, human rights, disarmament, terrorism, humanitarian and health emergencies, gender equality, governance, food production, and more.
That was the formal definition of United Nations and the work it pretends.

Peace and security. The biggest drain in the UN budget is peacekeeping operations about $8.7 billion year2016. Have these mandates really been followed when United States of America attacked Iraq or invaded Afghanistan? Where was the UN when USA along with its NATO allies decided to just bomb Libya? Where was UN when many US soldiers were indicted after the “Collateral Damage” video showing them enjoying the killings of news reporters in Wikileaks? Where was UN when the USA couldn’t find the forbidden weapons they had attacked Iraq for? Where was the UN when Osama was nowhere to be found but US kept using drone missile strikes on Afghanistan and Pakistan? What about the security in Libya today, after the World Police involvement?

Next. Why is sustainable development more important than taking peaceful and efficient action to limit the Worlds population? This “sustainable development” is not made with simple tools, it needs big organizations and advanced technology. Not giving priority of decreasing the World population wakes the suspicion that more consumers of the nature resources is “good for business”. Economic growth is a priority in the political agenda. Keeping population growth, dismantling old techniques, throwing old tools at the junkyard and continuously developing new systems and tools makes that we always have to upgrade and invest in modern technology.

Next. The climate changes. With a reduced population, the anthropological effects on climate could also reduce.

Next. Human rights. Globalization is equal to Americanization. As humans are different, every nation or region may be responsible to take care of their own human rights as this depends on the local conditions. That do not fit the ones who rule America.(it´s important to make a distinction between Americans and the lobby who rules their country).

Disarmament and terrorism. I suggest that the real terrorism comes from “above”. Use the UN revenue chart and see who pays for UN silence and commercial vantage in sub-developed countries. Everybody knows that America, owner of the biggest armament, will not disarm.

Health. If globalization not had occurred, we should not be exposed for so many strange virus or whatever is shared in the name of exotic diseases and mutations. Everybody should have to take care of their local problems and confront it with local knowledge, gained from great and long experience in the local issues.

Humanitarian. Is it human with digitalization and automatization? Are you fine with the risk to get replaced by a robot? Is it OK for you to take electronic order from some Nerd System?  The forcing of our bodies into passivity? Forcing our brains to receive instead of create?

Gender equality? Does not gender exist by the propose to share responsibility with the opposite gender with the different mind, specialized in skills in distinct areas?

Governance? Yes, we know where it is aimed to end up. World government. Totalitarian and artificial.

Food production. Modern agriculture is about to explore as much as possible from every acre of soil to be able “to feed the World population”. Cut down the trees, make it plain, sprinkle chemical fertilizing, pump up all groundwater and give full gas on big machines. Suck the soil beyond its natural limit.

What´s more? Scare the people that land area is burning up and the sea will drown the coast when the ice melt bye the Green House Effect. Wow, a new market pops up with digital stuff, bicycles, electric cars, drones and trains, blowing up a still bigger market to make the infrastructure for all these technological modifications “to save the world”.

The World will never be changed to the better by the UN, nor by their sponsored programs nor by technology, not even how Green, Digital or Smart the containment is. A big organization destroys the local power. The local is what  people can see and understand. Family, culture and social life, possible to grip for everyone.

Globalization equals Americanization. Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Twitter are currently in charge with knowledge, digital technics, media and even social life, or “network” as we call it today. They are all from America, not true? As former US President Trump said, USA pays off 22% of the UN revenue. In order follow these countries, sequence by decreasing revenue; Germany, UK, Japan, Canada, China, Sweden, France, Netherlands and Norway. See figure for all contributors. The revenue info was published 22/09/2017 by SBS, Australia: https://www.sbs.com.au/news/who-pays-for-the-un-and-where-does-the-money-go

Social and environment measures which should have been done, such as decrease the population rate, stimulate repairing instead of new consumption, stimulate recycling instead of throwing, urging for unity in family instead of separation, such things have not been sufficient executed. The opposite measures have been taken, obviously to get Economic Growth in short time.
United Nuts. It´s only about lobby and empty words.Behind this is control and commerce. It´s time to crack this nut.
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