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NOTICE ARCHIVE - 06/02/2017

A successful person is fundamentally a value creator and a problem solver: someone who creates something from nothing in order to solve a problem. Essentially, he is a solution-oriented action taker, a person who manage to fix problems rather than simply complain about them.

Since ancient times people has been programmed to tolerate and accept problems... sometimes even ignore them. The masses have been instructed to adapt and cope with obvious problems… and wait for other people to take action. It’s the “Help! Someone do something!” mentality. That is for victims.

Success is about taking the initiative to boldly step forward and take action, which is fundamentally what personal freedom is all about.  People spend a lot of time in their daily life talking about solutions to big problems, dreaming, restoring history to be nice, discussing about which politician is the best, bragging over the politicians they do not like, or better: They reflect their reaction over the image mass media told them without making any deeper critical analyse. In any way, either democratic government or dictatorship, it is very few things a person can do to change the external tasks, occurring above his head. The person can change himself and, eventually, convince or manipulate his nearest. 

Have you noticed that solutions origin from skilled individual capacity, not from superior handouts? Why ever dream about relying on the government or God to fix problems? They’re the ones who cause the problems. Yes, the expectations for divine solution too, because if people could let God be in peace and not constantly beg him to solve their problems, they should have to end up with passivity and take action by themselves.

Instead of waiting handouts from others, why don´t you take matters into your own hands, distance yourself from risks, and increase your independence and self-reliance? To have success, you must start to solve problems at the individual level. The key to success is about willfully flipping the switch in your mind. Instead of merely notice problems, you ask yourself, “How do I make this better?” Take it or leave it. YOU must be the solution - not “THEY”. Or keep your mouth shut and follow orders. That´s also an option.

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