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NOTICE ARCHIVE - 18/03/2021

White bones and ashes, forgotten memories, extinguished dreams and desires. So what are we going to do with the time we have here? Sit in front of the computer according to a large number of more or less self-declared experts? Like poisonous mushrooms grown out of the pandemic's murky soil, these people tell us that the future is online. Working and doing everything from home will be the new tune, even post Covid. Let us remember that people who live most of their lives in front of the computer not so long ago were considered lonely nerds in need of help. Are we all going to end up there now?

Of course we will travel again, meet, have physical contacts, parties at home and mingle at work, in bars and restaurants. If not, we are all losers. Dehumanized. Life is meaningless stagnation if we not socialize. We humans have progressed by social ties, by being able to organize civilizations, not by being individualists. If single lone wolves who enjoy the pandemic's perhaps worst effects - the restrictions, the isolation – fine, no problem. But do not make them normative. On the contrary, social distance can have serious effects.

Spring is waiting around the corner and with that restlessness, the desire to be seen, to let one become two. More and more are feeling desperate. How should one be able to meet someone, in these times? The (a)social network is giving the answer. It's so good, you have the same interests and qualities and can get to know similar buddies and spouses, fitting exactly your mind, your opinions, your hobbies, like a clone of you? But maybe you go on a date with the person you chatted with for a week and it takes half a second to realize that you would never dream of staying more than another half second in her company . Is it so crucial then? Yes. If people just want company, they can get a dog. Yet animals in close contact with people are the source of virus diseases. In fact restrictions created lot of problems, even from the medical view.

We have opted out of the reasoning marriage of old times and old-fashioned cultures, but are looking for relationships as if hobbies were something which make couples. But was it not exactly the differences which made the best couples, as the best thing between man and woman is the need to complete each other?

The on-line nerds were dreaming of a World where everybody could sit on the ass day and night, enjoying whatever free choice could find from the digital World. An illusion in fact, just 0 and 1, nothing more behind the screen.  But we were not stupid enough – yet. The digital attack came to early. People are still humans and now we have experienced the very dark side of the digital freedom. The illusion of freedom is clearly digital control. Enough people have understood.

We will turn back more than just to the beginning of Covid. We will reclaim real life, real shops, real employees, real food, anything we can understand and deal with in our limited but real physical network of real friends, family and colleagues.
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