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NOTICE ARCHIVE - 21/05/2021

No one predicted year 2020 would turn out like it did. The global jail were born. A happening not so nice, not included in normal futuristic scenarios.

This video explores predictions of the future throughout the 20th century. From winged gliders, to flying cars and all the way up to space travel. Inevitably, this video isn't a comprehensive account of every prediction ever made. But eventually the samples of visions over the years have come to be representative of whichever decade that they emerged in.


Many of our construction projects have an estimated service life of 100 -120 years. If constructions are really old, they are related with religion, art or funeral. Few constructions aimed for transports, housing or production survive long time. Some old bridges are still in service, but honestly, aren´t those isolated cases just to preserve architectonical values? Are we really serious when we draw a straight line through present time, steady 100 linear years right into the future? Why not look back 100 years first. Should you dare to draw a straight line from that time?

Around year 1900, Hildebrand, a chocolate company, later Stollwerk, designed their products and marketing with a futurist touch. In those retro-futuristic pics, we can today easy see how they expressed fantastic ideas with their technology, today obsolete. The pictures also show their believe that technology could take them to some kind of Paradise, e.g. the fantastic Schlaraffenland, an imaginary place of extreme luxury and ease where physical comforts and pleasures are always immediately at hand and where the harshness of daily life does not exist.

Many of those pictures are fascinating and funny and as expected; a chocolate fabric should deliver pleasure. But when big organizations prospect a future, are they using crystal ball or making chocolate on the  Hildebrand receipt?  Because we will never be future ready ! Rather we have to destroy the obsolete clumsy constructions our ancestors made, to build something better. Or are occasionally WE the generation who made it perfect? I have my doubts…

The Schlaraffenland is like the rainbow, perceptible, but always far away. The expected is the unexpected. And maybe that is what keep us continue. When our old dreams fails, new doors open and soon we are on the road again.

2020 was not a bad year. It showed us the naked truth.The mask fell of the democracy, another mask was then forced to hide the human face of the citizen. If you don´t understand and react now, I think you forever will be "safe" with the cattle.
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