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Contemplation of changes
NOTICE ARCHIVE - 05/06/2021

This is about changes. We have definitively crossed a red line. We are changing too much and too fast. But first three absolute true statements:

1.    Evolution of nature is slow (in relation to our modern rhythm).

2.    Technological development is fast.

3.    Government power is always transitory.

2.    The progress of human technology has always been fast in relation to the present conditions. After the World got connected by a World Wide Web, www, the changes have accelerated. We should not expect the creation of similar inventions at the same moment from remote locals. The contributions to the same issue will be global as long the global communication last. If you want something today, new or never created, you can soon find where it can be done and you can also connects skills together very fast, as you can find them over all the globe.

3.     A statement like “never trust authorities” is in this aspect not pointing at certain profiles in the political, finance or judicial cupula. Instead of chasing and showing examples of crooked characters, we should rather look at the whole System. It can change very fast. Therefore, it cannot be trustful. In a short perspective, it seems like nothing changes on the surface, but over a century or even in just a few decades, tools of ruling, such like ideology and religion, can be turned upside down and even inverted. The 20th century is the proof.

1.    The first statement is the last to comment, as it contains the conclusion. The Nature – or if you prefer, God – sets the rule. We are created by God, we are a  part of the Nature. Technology is created by us, so it is an inferior part in the chain of the creations of Nature. 

If we understand what we are doing, then we are aware of our situation, the risks and the benefits. We can be accountable for our deeds. If not, we are like children or domestic animals, dependent of caretakers. If we have our own property, then our freedom is proportional to our property. That is, if we are too poor or too rich, we have to dedicate precious time to get in balance. If we know who we are taking order from, or if we pay people to do something for us according to our order, we know who we play with and we know to whom we should address our critics and opinion. In those frames and under the rhythm of Nature, we have developed, under centuries, but now…All has changed!

What is in fact necessary to change? Just one thing: Back to the rhythm of Nature.
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