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When freedom turns slavery
NOTICE ARCHIVE - 07/06/2021

In the beginning of the era of motorized vehicles,  the car was the key to freedom, the open door to waste land. In the 1950´s the car became culture, America overpopularized the car and the four-wheeler became religion for many. Finally when many people could afford the car, the liberty trend reversed and the regulations took over. Few things in our society are so controlled and regularized as the motorized vehicle.

The computer, once the most sophisticated tool for scientists, went into the universities in the 1980´s. Internet connected students, engineers, manufacturers around the Millenium shift. Digital devices like cellphone and camera came the same time, the computer got integrated with all this and even the car was eventually occupied by advanced AI systems. So, finally, the digital diarrhea polluted the social life and substituted the harmonic social life with social networks, where people deal with lies as currency.  Now, when the computer has turned every man´s property it turns out that the man has turned the property of the computer. 

When inventions turn popular they have to be mass-produced. Mass production of complex devices can only be made by big organizations. The whole thing collapse, like a dinosaur, under it´s own weight and inertia.

Then, over the destroyed digital skeletons, new pseudo-freedom appears, growing on the wrecked technological failure, another culture is born, some pioneers starts to use it, then it is all going around again, the same circle but new issues. It is awesome how human stupidity can be such a creative force. Finally, when all nonsense is consumed, the intelligent mind wakes up and realize: We carried the fortune in our heart all the time, but we were only aware of external impulses.
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