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How Psychopaths have Infected our World. Understanding their Traits and Tactics can EXPOSE them.
NOTICE ARCHIVE - 05/11/2016

The challenge is too PROOF -  that a charming, attractive and convincing liar could really be someone evil. Only those who see them for who they really are and experience them first hand know the truth. A jury, police, judges, lawyers and the public all see an image that rarely fits the person. Yet the evidence shows a ruthless person, who still after being convicted has no remorse and continues to lie to support her own reality. Welcome to the world of the psychopath. While they’re not all 100% pure psychopath in medical terms they still have strong psychopathic traits. Often a combination of psychopath, social path and narcissist.
Why is this important and how does it affect you? Yet some people continue convinced she’s the victim and her lies are in fact the truth. If only they’d been exposed to a real psychopath who affected them personally they might see things otherwise.
Neither the family understand a psychopath. From birth her  mother and father know something is very wrong but have no idea what they were dealing with. A baby that cried but would not stop if fed, held or had its diaper changed. The rage, the lack of empathy and the super controlling nature is apparent to some children, but evaporate like clouds under a summer day when she grows up.
The true psychopath do not completely  leave her childhood when growing up. Something imature resist in her soul. Sometimes the childish nature is exposed, sometimes hidden. She torture the derest and nearest. She infects the society. Convinced she lies, influences and manipulates, she makes everything to make other people look as villains, criminals or insane and she - Always  the victim.

This is where psychopaths can be most dangerous, the best actors, liars play the part of victim so well. Its all a scam and con job. The goal is to get what you want from people. If only people would check the facts, evidence and stories. Often they don’t and just go along with the lies.
People do not want to believe this could happen, how easy it was to cheat them. Yet once conserved by a probate court the victim loses control over their own life, finances and constitutional rights.
The government offers the perfect partner to the psychopath: Our legal system which is not a place of justice and fairness, is a place where money, “friendship” and corporativism  fix everything. Hearings are delayed, games are played and lies are told. In the end its about who has more corruptive cash or “friends” who take home the game.

No chance to be victim of a psychopath? Or you have not recognized her?  This can happen to anyone, even to YOU. If you know people, how normal people act and react, that´s fine, but noone if not a psychopath self, identify a typical psychopath. The most people do not know who and what they were dealing with.  Do yourself a favor, educate yourself to identify the traits and actions of a psychopath.
The twenty traits assessed by the PCL-R score are:
 glib and superficial charm
 grandiose (exaggeratedly high) estimation of self
 need for stimulation
 pathological lying
 cunning and manipulativeness
 lack of remorse or guilt
 shallow affect (superficial emotional responsiveness)
 callousness and lack of empathy
 parasitic lifestyle
 poor behavioral controls
 sexual promiscuity
 early behavior problems
 lack of realistic long-term goals
 failure to accept responsibility for own actions
 many short-term marital relationships
 juvenile delinquency
 revocation of conditional release
 criminal versatility
The parameters of the psychopath test: http://vistriai.com/psychopathtest/

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