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NOTICE ARCHIVE - 07/07/2021

Progress…It was once my slogan. Now, better add “…with care”. Balance. In fact, maintain the balance is the right purpose. If we knew when something is enough, if we knew when to stop and be satisfied, if we could keep the balance in our results, then we should be able to maintain development in control.

However, we cannot get enough and that is why human societies, sooner or later, fail.

Before the Industrial Revolution, humans produced their needs by themselves. In small clusters they organized the duties, so food, tools, medicine, labor, constructions and services were available to grant survival. Traditions, religion, family and social costumes glued the community together. People knew that unity is strength. By brain, fingertips and ability to communicate and co-work we formed civilizations and could govern the material World.

The Industrial Evolution granted us better survival, comfort and safety, but it was not enough, we had opened the lid of Pandoras box and could not close it, we wanted more of the sweet and nice content. Comfort and progress in shape of a never ending technlogical snake ringled out from the open box. Daily needs were substituted by artifacts and overconsumption and here we are, 200 kg fat, remote controlling, digitalized and always looking for better opportunities and newer products to give us a happy kick.

The countryside is being abandoned and cities are filled to grow to megacities with millions of souls. Traditions are forgotten, family ties are broken and in the cities, the social surrogates are ephemeral.

Lost in a global World, trapped in Mega Cities, ready to receive orders from the invisible global dictators, from AI, executed by powerful digital devices. The race is chaotic, the pilots are driving with full gas with no notion about direction or destiny.

In Greek mythology, Pandora got a box containing what was supposed to be a great treasure. Pandora was told to never, ever open this box, Pandora curios, ignored the rule and opened it.

Opening Pandora’s box is the same as opening a can of worms. It refers to a process which, once began, results in many unforeseen problems in chaotic order. Once open, the lid cannot be closed. The open box is out of control. And there is no retreat.
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