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NOTICE ARCHIVE - 01/08/2021

Regarding the actual mainstream, sports and politics apparently belong together. Why should the same not apply to politics and sports?

Does anyone follow the Olympics? There is no audience in place, as the whole world has capitulated to a junta of infection experts. Time lap means that there is hardly any audience in Europe and North America either. Probably are Asians working instead of sitting in the couch and watching.

Japan Olympic Games not 2020 but 2021 may be the best games ever in terms of results, but it's hard to know because the matters are about everything else. It´s too hot, which of course is the fault of the sinful humanity. The medals are made of recycled metal from old technology stuff. The Norwegian beach handball ladies breaks the bikini rule and the German gymnast ladies wear full-body suits, both in applauded protest against sexualization. Simone Biles travels to the Olympics just to jump off and instead care about her mental health. Teams are kneeling before the matches "in the fight for human rights". In other words: this year's Olympics seems, on the whole, to be a representative sample map of all contemporary neuroses, narcissisms and moralism.

Too little focus on sport you might think. The idea that sports and politics do not belong together actually sounds inverted, because it is probably a rule nowadays that sport must engage in politics. A kind help to us who do not understand the complex parliament discussions, so also we may have a chance to understand, thanks to the more straightforward message from our favorite athletes. It's just to capitulate.

But if it is inevitable for athletes to testify about their inner lives and their strong convictions, can we also reverse the direction of this path of politics and sport? What would it be to force the political establishment, the chosen elite, or anyone who is engaged in professional or active politics in any form? Isn´t it a good idea to require that everyone who wants to burden us with their moral whining, restrictions and new rules, must first make a little effort? Physically.

The requirements for award of prizes for such an effort could be discussed. The prize is, of course, the right to open your mouth and throw out new proposals and decrees. To get an article on climate debt published, you must first jump 1.50 in height. To participate in a panel that discusses transgender people's right to go to whichever toilet they want, you must first run a hundred meters in 15 seconds. Transgender people can choose seconds. To sign a petition to rename a lecture hall, or tear down a statue, for postcolonial reasons, a gold medal is required. For example. Imagine being able to enjoy cultural experts, racism activists and the peoples favorite candidates every free weekend, who in fair fight push their physique to the limit, aiming to next week possibility to be approved to distribute their views in cultural pages, podcasts and debate programs.
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