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Poor me. Nobody gave me a chance
NOTICE ARCHIVE - 18/10/2016

What a pity, such a tragedy. No one gave YOU a chance ...? They forgot you? Or discriminated you? You were born poor? Or born too rich, without any love from your hardhearted parents? Or, are you suffering racism, homophobia, bullying, or born in the wrong sign ....? Seriously, why are you here in life? To get but not to give? To receive rights and property? From whom? And They, the unfair people on the command up there, who are They? Listen: You are the one and only responsible for your own faith. If you in your passivity expect to get all for free, be prepared to someday pay the multiple of all you sucked.

You are paid, but earn too less? Well, why did you accept a bad paid service?  You have no profession or skill? Because you did not study. But you are forced and clever aren´t you?You could not afford to study? Your mom was painting her nails all day long, and your dad hang at the bar drinking beer, they were watching TV or sleeping on the couch,  whatever the real problem was, they did not prepare the base for you, so you had to fight more than others, but you preferred to continue the passive trail of your parents.

In addition not to afford studies, your childhood was so much hell that it seemed that you never had childhood? Starving? Diseases? Misery? Really, there are a lot of tragically stories from undeveloped countries like Brazil, but even if you have the bad luck to be born in such a caotic country, forget the myth that the government is responsible for YOUR person. You are f****d up because your parents did not know how to manage a family but they did know how to massproduce children, which the existence of all your siblings in the same poverty proofs. Apparently it was so, generation after generation in your family and if someone must break this vicious circle, it is YOU. Because what your ancestors not did quit in time, became a snowball of poverty and troubles, and if you are as apathic as they, your kids will have a still bigger trouble.

What we can observe from nature is that no being own its freedom from others. If you get fed, you are one day stuck in the trap, or slaughtered by your creator. You pay with your life, or at least with your ass. Who agree to receive and buy the illusion of “easy living" soon or less becomes someone's slave.
The difference between people who "receives" and those who makes it on their own is the same difference between domestic cattle, stuck and stupid and the wolf, agile and smart.Real opportunities are not given free by the manipulators, keep away from such people and progress with good and honest people.

The true "top level elite” is composed by those who have faced many problems and resolved all without harming or sucking other persons. And on the other hand, the worse and most dangerous people of all are academics who hitchhiked to the top on the back of others, that´s the kind of pack who most infest Justice and Government. The easy way is the worthless way; please go on fighting yourself, that´s the best for everyone.
If your path is difficult and undermined by "unsolvable" problems, but you manage to move forward fighting by your own means, you will surely deserve the most dignified position you are able to achieve.


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