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NOTICE ARCHIVE - 13/06/2022

This is something governors over the World should adapt. Sure it is popular and the best, one more step to preserve Mother Nature and avoid waste:

Here is an excerpt from the source www.engadget.com

New York has just passed the digital fair repair act (Assembly Bill A7006B), making it one of just a few states in the US to do so. The act, titled "Digital Fair Repair Act," will require OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) to "make diagnostic and repair information for digital electronic parts and equipment available to independent repair providers and consumers if such parts and repair information are also available to OEM authorized repair providers."

That means companies can no longer dictate where you can bring your devices to get them repaired by limiting the access to components or diagnostic information. Massachusetts previously passed its own Digital Right to Repair Act, which covered parts or machines containing microprocessors. The state has recently expanded that to include connected automobiles.
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