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NOTICE ARCHIVE - 29/10/2017

The “New World Order’, based on the economic system Capitalism is under changes, perhaps soon broken and substituted. It cannot  more promote materialistic politics ranging from Communism to Conservatism, or as in American standard, Republicans to Democrats. So, what comes next?  The next politic in power can be ISLAM. Or some other theories, well known or unknown, but easy to join over internet. Internet is the new tool for power. Nations and states are in decay, disappearing. 

Islam is a religion! Yes, and it is now probably the world’s biggest religion, at least if you calculate in true faithful adapts. However, like the two other Abraham religions, Christianity and Judaism, it manage very well with politics. In some countries, like Iran, the Chief of State is the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution.

Christianity had its golden years in power since it subversively took over the Roman Empire and it maintained World Power until the end of World War II. About 1000 years the Millennial Kingdom under Jesus Christ governed the West. Christianity nagged patiently  not only the Roman Empire, but also other cultures and it destroyed with the sword other civilizations like the Vikings and later sent missionaries to joined the Iberian ships to exterminate far away situated cultures like the Inca. Priests and missionaries were always together with the armed colonial forces, to weaken up the spirit of the occupied tribes and to make them feel they got something back from what the Colonial Empires stole from them. They got Bible Words in change of Bread. Hallelujah!

Eventually, the Jews created Christianity as a Trojan horse. Imagine the triumph of the sons of Zion who suffered occupation under the Roman Empire, as today, the seat of the Catholic Church is in the Vatican, in the heart of Rome. As always, the Jews has worked patiently and effective with intelligence service, connected by rabbis over their world wide spread synagogues. One of the modern examples of the Christian modern influence is the German Third Reich defeat, like communism ended up with Germany in the First War, Christianity was not the ideal religion to keep  the spirit aggressive of the German Soldier. You do not win a war by “Gott mit Uns” written on the belt. God with us. The brutal fighting spirit from Central Asia became overwhelming against the German armed forces.

With risk to be accused of antisemitism, as Zionism and Judaism are sensible to write about, and even innocent jokes can be misunderstood and punished, you better seek self on the net regarding Judaism and Zionism. Please avoid the most extreme and negative sites, I recommend you to take a good look inside what Jews write over themselves. They are skilled writers and we find always examples of a little exaggeration in self-estimation, for example, it is just fantastic how they convinced Christians that “Jews are God´s chosen people”. Very interesting literature is also their holy texts in Talmud.


I am not punished to write about Christianity. Eventually I´ll be targeted by God´s wrath. I take the chance, that should finally be at least some kind of proof of this very invisible spirit. Christianity is weak, it destroys the guts of men and prefer whining  before action. Christianity is the true grandmother of Communism.

Arabs and Jews were smarter than Christians were. They did not capture countries and involve themselves in armed struggle with natives. Instead, they made business. Also with slaves, probably the most slave traders were under Middle Eastern management. In addition, as we see today, they continue be smarter. We are happy consumers, adult people play today like children in the illusion of Consumerism. Who earns money on that senseless over-consumption, who rules our countries, who dominate media, films and justice? Check out the names and go over the history. Just facts. Nothing more to say.

Islam is a peaceful religion and is probably who suffer most by terrorism. So, is the most of actual terrorism really  a product of Islam? Or is, eventually, the terrorism another Trojan Horse? Making someones two enemies fight against each other, disgusting trick, but so popular....However, Islam has nothing to win on terrorism, it grows anyway. The Saudi Arabic King Family and other powerful princes and sultans from the Arabic Peninsula did not waste their money on luxury. They paid and still pay a lot for luxury, but since the early sixties, they have been investing in export of Islam, building mosques over the world. They had a very effective religious network before internet was introduced. Now, they have the both.

People are today tired of the holy cow democracy and of over-consumption. Many are lingering to the nuclear family. Family is the main argument where Islam gain new volunteers from West. Big changes will happen in a soon future. And the West goes on, like nothing happens. Fat bodies, couch-potatoes, joining TV-shows and eating and drinking - too much. The Western proletariat has been substituted by a Consumtariat.

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