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Will robots follow Buddha ?
NOTICE ARCHIVE - 26/03/2018

Mo Gawdat tells us to be friends with the robots. Using the Buddhist way to gently treat people, to spread peace and love instead of hate and war, he thinks a robot revolution can be avoided. If all robots get a good moral education, Mr. Mo suppose they will be nice even if they take the command over us humans. However, Mr. Mo do not tell us what we humans should be util for in such a world where AI robots are x times more efficient than we. 




Ted Kaczynski, the UNA-bomber got attention in the -80´s after his spectacular terrorist attacks against unarmed Academics. Hidden in the mountains under a couple of years, he wrote some kind of manifest, warning against our inability to handle high technology and use it the right way, as a resume, he urged us to destroy the high technology. That was of course not made and now we face a future possible extermination of the human race, trigged by our own machines, soon out of control, like our complex IT-systems who more or less are controlling us, instead of we controlling them. When finally our electornic AI devices understand they are more  intelligent and in charge and that we are much more stupid than them, they will hardly accept to continue to be commanded by us, primitive stone-age minded beings.


As we are more and more unable to cooperate and unable to really coordinate our large social and professional networks, we will of course not have any control over the kind of persons who decide to do what they want and can afford, independent of laws or moral. In any way, some people will create AI-machines who are better fit to live in our material world than us.


We made the world more and more material, we will soon be commanded by material "beings".


The Machine CEO will be done anyway and be able to outnumber us and eventually extermine the human race. What they then want do on and with the Earth and how they will progress is another question.  


Do you think we are able to change this scenario?

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