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NOTICE ARCHIVE - 20/05/2018

The Good Church
The Church was, for hundreds of years, the principal repository for Western science and learning, the most important stimulus for Western creative and artistic energies. All the great artists of the Middle Ages, all the architectural splendors of Gothic Europe, much of the most sublime music ever created drew their inspiration from the Church.


The Real Church
However, the bill for this Golden Years was paid with blood and theft. The Church took advantage of the conquered Roman Warfare Machine and invaded, bit for bit, all parts of Europe. Local culture, religion and tradition were swept away by the sword and then ruled by the Bible, threatening people with Hell or remunerating them with Paradise. The Bible “globalized” Europe. Vikings, slavs, celts and moors had to give up their freedom and useful parts of their culture and property entered the Church. Then the Bible globalized the World. Portuguese and Spanish ships sent soldiers and priests over all oceans. Gold entered the Catholic deposits and the Bible and the Sword maintained order in the colonies.


The Real Roots of Church
Many people do not believe that Communism is a product of Christianity. Or that Christianity has its roots from Judaism.  They argue that the Church has been a big opponent and enemy of the Jews. It played a major role in bringing on the Spanish Inquisition in the 15th century, accusing Jewish converts, or marranos, infiltrating the Catholic Church. Persecuted under the inquisition, many Jews fled from Europe to America. Or had to accept to be deported, which the Portuguese made when they populated Brazil with Jews.  Or the Protestants, who today ban their founder, Martin Luther, a fervent anti-Semite, evidenced by his book “The Jews and their lies”.
The apparently radical revision of the Church’s attitude toward Jews is not a new grip. Instead the Church has finally come back home where it belongs. Inquisition and struggle with communism were just temporary side walks from the main direction of the Church. The facts are clear , Christianity was made by Jews.
The invention of Christianism was the Jewish subversive answer to the Roman occupation.  What the German Barbars in the North conquered by arms, the Jews conquered with books and priests. The Christian institution settled soon in Rome, the capital of the ancient enemy, depriving the ancient beliefs and substituting Jupiter and the other inherent Gods in ancient Western culture, which existed in parallel form like Zeus, Thor and Odin….


Back to the Roots
Nowadays every bit of Christian doctrine and liturgy has been carefully scanned and, wherever necessary, “modernized” to bring it into line with its real Judeo-Christian origin.
The church do not longer place the blame for the Crucifixion on the Jews. Instead the Church describe them in the same terms the Jews use in referring to themselves: “a special people,” “God’s chosen people,” etc.


The Subversive Products of the Church
In the Bible we can find parallels to the leftist disgust against natural order, evidenced by cherishing weakness and making proverbs like ”the last will be the first”.  The Marxist is in its roots influenced by Christianity. Even if there are other kind of expressions, like materialism versus spiritualism, the both institutions are putting one God in charge, controlling, punishing and rewarding the subordinates. The slight difference is that Marxism put the State in order as almighty God.
Christian God and Marxist State are similar in their attitudes against the mechanism and order in Nature, and they are both eager to invert values. Apparently, the Church stood once as a bitter and determined opponent of the communist movement. Today it has — at best — settled on peaceful coexistence with this deadly enemy of mankind. At worst — and this is becoming more common every day — it has become an enthusiastic collaborator, not only with formally recognized Marxist groups, but with practically every leftist element ready to organize confusion.


Today People Abandon Church
Young people rarely visit the Church. Christian sects are experiencing a critical shortage of clergymen. More priests and ministers return to secular life every year, and fewer young men enter the seminaries. This sharp decline in the number of clergymen can be seen, for example, in the almost complete substitution of laymen for priests on the faculties of most church-owned schools.


The Church Try to Adapt
Traditional services and ceremonies of beauty and solemnity have been corrupted by the introduction of elements of “mod” culture. More and more they are taking on the aspects of “happenings,” with rock combos replacing organists and choirs, beads and psychedelic lights taking the place of vestments and candles, “swinging” ditties and jive-dialect Bible translations edging out the old hymns.


Dying but Still Dangerous
The Church, in attempting to adapt to radical changes is not dying gracefully or with dignity. Its attempts to maintain its grip have led it to plumb the depths of degeneracy in a degenerate age. But the Church is not dead yet. Left to its own devices, it would probably linger in the West for another hundred years or more before becoming a negligible factor in the overall scheme of things.
Though the Church has lost its former position of absolute moral authority, tradition still lends a not inconsiderable weight to its influence. Many Christians who are no longer fervent in their adherence to the Church’s doctrines — even those who no longer attend church services — still allow their opinions and attitudes to be governed to a greater or lesser extent by the Church.
Unfortunately, this influence is being sadly misused. The Church, in turning away from purely theological matters and concerning itself primarily with politics, social and racial matters instead, has — on virtually every major issue — taken a position diametrically opposed to Western progress.

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