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NOTICE ARCHIVE - 27/05/2018

Very often imaginary explications and innocent scapegoats are declared as responsible for actions or problems generated by others. In coming articles, gathered under the main title REAL ROOTS, we present the real causes behind invented stories.


In the articles, you will find discussions under subtitles as SELFISHNESS, IGNORANCE, ILLUSIONS and under some of these tasks, you will find even more subtitles. The World we are living in is not exactly what the media pictures. A beautiful setup has been orchestrated by Government and Justice,  by instructions from a few, but powerful beings. As it always has been and as it always will be in human destiny.


And of course you say, that is not any news. But probably,  you still attend mainstream media. And believe at least in "some things". Probably is it those things who are the most manipulated.

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