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REAL ROOTS 1: Selfishness Part 1.1: Hijacking ideologies
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In this chapter, we will look how selfish interests relatively easy hi-jacks ideologies.
The evil cannot exist without both receiver and transmitter. You are the receiver. You are free to avoid evilness if turning off your attention or moving towards positive channels. How to keep your mind fit is not the scope of this article, but explained by Buddhist wisdom if you want to know more.


We will here discuss the transmitter, a subject that serves as channel between emitter and receiver. Which transmitter do the mean forces prefer to hi-jack? Big, peaceful and consolidated ideologies are favorites and the more opposite it is the evilness, the more effective as illusion is it, the better can it serve as evil. Like dressing the Wolf in the fur of the Lamb.  Most targeted transmitters are religion, political ideologies, race and sex. These matters can serve as hosts for subversive and selfish matters.


How is it possible to judge a peaceful religion, just pointing out a few murders who hijacked the religion? Yes of course, I am pointing in direction to Islam. Al Quran states that suicide is a big sin. How does that fit with the waves of suicide attacks, blamed on Muslims? Suicide bomber claim themselves as Muslims, but do Islam claim them as good Muslims? This fanatics maybe believe, in some narrow-minded way, but do Islam support them? No, not any way. Suicide bombers are also a relative new phenomenon.  Japanese have some traditions of suicide, based on moral, proud and personal offer, but Arabs or other Islam oriented people have no such tradition.  Unfortunately, many militants are claiming religious belief, to get arguments for their acts. The religious leaders and the true believers do not support it. The Prophet said, "He who commits suicide by throttling shall keep on throttling himself in the Hell Fire (forever) and he who commits suicide by stabbing himself shall keep on stabbing himself in the Hell-Fire."

It does not make sense blaming contemporaneous Christians for the extermination of Incas or the rampaging of the Catholic inquisition. Neither blaming modern Jews for the killing of Jesus. Even Buddhism, with the most peaceful reputation is targeted when some monks in Burma fight immigrants from Bangladesh. Such acts cannot be made in the name of a peaceful doctrine. All these cases are local abuse of the name and fame of some religion.

Even if persons and local leaders claims holy war in name of religion, it is clear that no serious religion support violence.  Religions work with arguments and it is a question of local conditions if or when citizens are attached to a specific religion.


Both left and right political factions are known for violence. Isn´t that a consequence of the betrayal from the mainstream parties? When it get clear that democratic parties are maneuvered by lobbies, the expected reply is that citizens seek other solutions. Alternatives are easy found in the left and right factions, where more straightforward methods are used to protest against pseudo-democracy. These factions are in their turn also infiltrated, for example by hooligans, the leftist Black Blocks, using the name of the political party not in ideological belief but as a vehicle for expressing brutal violence, for lust and enjoyment, how perverted it yet can be to seek satisfaction in evil behavior.


Some sexual preferences charged as crime some years ago are today admitted and even protected by the government. Sexual freedom is declared for people who hid between locked doors and the doors seems to be wide open now.  Perhaps very wide open.   Or is it expected that the society shall participate in the bedroom now? Even if the door not is lock, it is usually closed. Privacy, where is it?
Seems that someone is interested in the commerce who follows by manifesting and highlighting sex in its most vulgar form on the streets. The efforts of sexual minorities are obviously rise to high levels in spite of economic business.


If the captured ideology has high popularity, the hi-jacker can convince a reasonable amount of followers. This group elaborate new interpretation of unclear expressions. They seek formulations possible to misinterpret and then they liberate misinterpret, defending the new interpretation with good rhetoric, or, if arguments are weak, with threats and violence. Especially ancient religions, adapted to modern language after several translations are easy victims for cheating.


Note: Religious view of suicide: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religious_views_on_suicide

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