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A Holy Place
NOTICE ARCHIVE - 12/06/2018

Light, bright. An absolute minimum of more than 8 hours of sunlight every day, but also at least 8 hours of darkness. To get good balance.


Clean, it must always be neat and clean inside an active building and outside the purity is according to nature.


Fresh smelling air, not really perfumed, but not stale and fusty the place is not in good shape, eventually abandoned

Moisture ratio is in good level when it makes the skin smooth and young, but the clothes still keep dry.
Living. Real life, real plants, never plastic plants. All fresh and in good maintenance, in life and in movement. Remove dry and dead objects, they just take place and energy.


Quiet. Means sounds in harmony, no fuzz, no painful peaks of any noise,  just pure sound according to the environment.


The right temperature must not be defined in cold or warm terms, the right temperature is when energy flow from inside to outside.


If we can keep a room like this, we are approximating holy conditions. Our mind and body get more easy in harmony and is thus better prepared for concentration and enthusiasm. No cathedral, no temple, no castle, no hotel can ever satisfy all this conditions in perfect harmony. But three days from here, deep in the rainforest, there is a place where all these conditions are present. There is the true holy place.

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