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The harsh reality of Alpha Male life
NOTICE ARCHIVE - 18/06/2018

An Alpha Male can appear in many shapes, but what he definitively not is, is the stereotype sitting on his desk, or half laying in the sofa, with a cigar or a beer can, giving orders to others. The real Alpha gives order, mainly to  himself. He, himself, represents the counterparts boss versus slave/soldier/worker. HE is the one who is driving himself too hard.


Today, young men are victims of a society that hasn’t prepared them to be men, where postmodern, identity group politics has leaked out of the campuses and into the elementary schools, where being an energetic boy is considered a mental health defect.


People are today without compass navigating a new world of ever changing sexual politics, be it at school, work or the dating sphere. After years of blaming men for being the cause of all the world’s problems; the contemporary Western male is crippled by a prolonged adolescence. He has not got the tools to progress to maturity or the tests to gain the confidence to take place in the world as adult.




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