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NOTICE ARCHIVE - 01/07/2018

Northern Europe, proud over liberal politics, personal freedom, human rights and democracy is in counterpart one of the biggest enemies to our environment.  Is this a paradox or a consequence of the social and political system in West?


Why can´t we repair our electronic devices?
If you try to repair an electronic device and screw up the screws with your screwdriver, you're screwed. If there are any screws at all. Most devices are not possible to open.  If there at all are any screws, they are by special design to not allow you to open and repair your device. Strange, isn´t it your own property?


Example of an alternative concept….
The Fairphone  is a smartphone for people who value sustainability. It’s made to last for five years, it's easily repairable, and it's modular. It's body features easily replaceable components.
 The phones makers state that the rare minerals used inside the device have been sourced responsibly. It makes better use of recycled materials, and offers a minimalist look and feel, reducing environmental impact when the time comes for it to be retired.



…which eventually seems to fail:
Why do not Fairphone and similar projects have better success?
European countries throw away 20 to 30 kg per person and year of electronic waste. Most of this so called waste are fresh and working components, not destroyed, so not really necessary to throw away. From Central to Northern Europe, about 10 millions of tons of electronic junk is waste per year. Why?  Consumers want slick design, status and comfort. The consequence is a disaster to environment.


YOU are the villain in this story. In democratic countries, politicians and companies try to please you, because YOU are the base of their existance. Theirs motive is certainly earning power and cash, but if YOU were more interested of collective and common goals, instead of your own well being, laws and commerce would certainly adapt, at least in a true democratic system.
That statement is logic but impossible to satisfy in the frames of contemporary society. The path to a solution is available in Buddhism, but also in some politics which today unfortunately are banned by democratic and leftist regimes.

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