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The Tower of Babel and Globalism
NOTICE ARCHIVE - 04/07/2018

Too big to fail? 

No !

Too big so it fails.

In Genesis chapter 11 we can read about how people gather as many as they can in a place to build a tower as high as possible. The tower of Babel is a clear sign of man's betrayal against Nature (or God) and that we rather strive towards all power and treasure for ourselves, instead of  follow Nature's law and contribute to balance and harmony in the World.


The tower of Babel failed. It was constructed by workers speaking the same language or not, they were easily forced to finish it to the last brick, before it fell down to Earth by the own weight. A big idea, but too big for reality.


Which Towers of Babylon are we building on today? Headquarters for a global power, distanced as much as possible from Nature, distanced also from you?


The more as Globalism grows, the more you decrease relative its gigantic shape, and finally, you feel so small and insignificant with no self estimate pressuring you firmly on the grund, that you are easily swept away like a grain of dust, by the slightest wind. And this will happen, not only to you, but with all mankind and then, our Global Tower of Babel is will instantly disappear. Because it was just an image of us, not true?  


Why Globalism Fails and Nationalism is Relatable

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