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NOTICE ARCHIVE - 12/07/2018

Some people are concerned to prepare themselves against eventual disasters, lootings, social instability, in short, preparations for a dystopic scenario. Survivalists, or preppers, acquire emergency medical and self-defense training, stockpile food and water, prepare to become self-sufficient, and build structures (e.g., survival retreats or underground shelters) that may help them survive a catastrophe. This movement has become more and more popular and actual, especially in North America.


In some cases, these preppers are trespassing the limit of being paranoid, using their daily life for preparations of a future eventuality. That is not an efficient use of time. On the other side, to ignore the risk of collapse of a lot of social functions and the environmental warning signals, is not just as ignorant as it is stupid. Even a child can today realize how unprepared and incompetent politicians and Justice are in important issues.  The biggest organizations in society are the slowest to adapt to the new rules from fast evolution, by the innate character of inertia of size.

So, what kind of alternatives are affordable to handle an eventual dystopian situation, for the individual?

Alternative 1: Intelligent measure: Making like the survivalists, training and building up stocks of provisions.
Alternative 2: More intelligent measure: Acquire a good weapon and learn how to use it.
Alternative 3: Most intelligent measure: Invest in yourself and keep your soul healthy.


I am sorry if some tagged preppers get angry or disappointed, but the most of them are not preparing for themselves. Instead they prepare for violent strangers who sure will put a gun against their head and take over their stocks. Eventual this scum let the naked prepper run away to an uncertain fate, eventual they kill him.


If you instead invest your efforts in a weapon, you can make exactly as the elements above. If you are a bad character you will sure make it, but will probably soon loose for an even worse character, Weak people can only obtain short-lived success. As a good character in this alternative, you will find a good prepper and offer better safety and collaboration for him. Eventually this little team will work for longer time. 


However, the time you loose with piling up food or acquiring and training smart weapons can instead be used to enhance your knowledge, contacts and spiritual health. With intelligence and mind in good shape, you will be useful even for the bad characters. And as your mind is better prepared than the goat heads of these bad characters, it is just a question of time before things changes to your favor.


As we humans have faith and strive for a happy end, as we in fact are good and fair, we incline just for bad behavior in spite of weakness. The best way we handle all kind of things is to strengthen and care about our mind. With a good and healthy spirit we are able to easy help others. And affording help to others is the only way to get things done. Because if we are fine with ourselves, the problems will only exist as external issues. If we are able to help others, around our periphery, to be better, the effect will immediately be a lower pressure from external trouble and we can afford more time to make ourselves still better. A positive cycle is created.

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