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Male behavior is not OK in Brazil
EDITAL COMPLETO - 07/07/2018

Do not blame Neymar for his kinky and sensitive behavior. He is just a symbol of Brazilian overfeminization, one of millions of Brazilian men who suffers consequences from overcaring mothers. This tragic scenario is eventually an effect of Catholic tradition tempered with the last years of social destruction by leftist politics.




Brazilian boys are not allowed to be men! Brazilian mothers cuddle their baby men as long as possible. It is not rare to find middle aged men, still living in mamas home, under her protection, not being able even to boil a cup of water.  How does extreme mother cuddle influence the whoke society?  Where do you find true men in Brazil? Even the police is soft, they scare ordinary workers and middle class with heavy weapons, playing real tough against peaceful citizens, but they avoid conflicts with real criminals. And even hard guys that you expect to find by criminals and militars, are often crying like babies, encouraged to “show their true feelings”. Brazilian men  have little control over emotions and weak self disciplin, so in fact, they can really be dangerous when they act desperately with uncontrolled feelings instead of with concentration and self control.
Well meaning mothers and leftist social assistants are today the real base of Brazilian power structure and the overreacting outbreaks from Neymar are only the open window to a weak and helpless society, unable to compete with determined nations from other continents.






Regarding to the Austrian Kronen Zeitung 07/07/18, the Brazilian Institute IPEA, Instituto de Pesquisa Econômica Aplicada, presents a tragic study where 40% of the Brazilians households are without father, 12 Millions kids lives in homes where the father for some reason has been expulsed. 8 of 23 of the Brazilian soccer players had to grow up without the important presence from the father. A weak belief in family, in a country which claims to be the biggest Catholic country in the World puts the question in light; is Christianism and Christian roots positive and healthy for a strong family? Beyond its Christian tradition, Brazil has also the latest 15 years suffered an discrimination against men, a crime against Brazils own Constitution, with absurd laws which favor women to the degree that many men cannot lonely stand against a hostile Justice and are forced to loose the contact with their own kids.  


Comparing Brazil with Asian and Muslim countries, Brazil has still a lot to learn about how to deal with family issues, especially how such problems should be handled internal in Family. The misbelief that Woman should have more rights to live with the kids and given all responsibility for their education, only because she carried the babies in her vomb, has lead to a vicious circle, where real men are diffult to find. Instead of education, young boys  get anything they want without limits, especially when women use Justice to milk out money from their ex-men. Money which often are used to “pay silence” on the victims, the children.

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