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Why some countries never stop to repeat about German atrocities
SOCIETY AND POWER - 07/08/2018

Actually, it is not SSSR (former Russia and attached states under Soviet government), principal victim of  the WWII who most spew guilt and hate over Germany. Neither France, nor Greece, nor Serbia, nor Poland. The everlasting voices come from other directions, spewing hate and guilt over generations of  Germans not existing, not even born under the conflict, These voices whisper and shout, tirelessly, “We may never forget”, most frequently from countries like England, USA and – Sweden.


Why Sweden? Does these reminders of WWII brutality have some political importance? Today? Can it eventually be useful to use Germany as lone scapegoat for some purpose? For example, to hide own dirty laundry? As Germans are old fans of documentation and archive, Germany became a sitting  target, ready to wipe down. However, the Swedes are some similar nerds in documentation like their German cousins, but was not in  focus, so penible information could discreet lean back in shadows.


Over 100 years, the Social Democratic Party had a grip over the Swedish society. As the most influential party it could easy overshadow sensible information with more and more aggressive attacks against Germans, backed up by their newfound English speaking friends. In the 60-s and 70-s, Swedish schoolkids were encouraged to hate Germans. The Social Democrats made a systematic brainwashing in schools and managed to keep their own true history secluded from public. Why must Swedes always be told about Germans and Nazis, but not honestly about their own history?


This year is election in Sweden. The leftist parties have Nazified some of their rivals. But the rivals dug up answers, very interesting facts from the past. One people, One Party – This is the history about the Swedish Social Democratic Party:



Few people are aware of the actual historical foundation of the Social Democrats, even among political representatives within the party the ignorance of history is surprisingly high. The Social Democrats have a unique position in Swedish history. No other party had such power and influence over the Swedish society and its population. No other party has controlled and censored media to the extent as the Social Democrats have done. So, even if the mayor part of Swedes were on the same boat, the Social Democrats had most influence in the issues like racial biology ,sterilization of unwanted citizens, assistance to  Nazi Germany and refusion to refugees. No other Swedish party has, to such a degree, executed so much power and influence over Sweden.

Again, this is the story of the Social Democrats, as it has never been told before.


This was just a little story of a small nation, trying to leave an old partner defenseless to the dogs of war. The big villains, the real dogs of war and piracy are hiding behind the very big lies.England and USA. Under centuries they have mistreated and enslaved people. In their own countries and in the perverted absurd colonies or economic dependent countries they maintained, where they treated the natives like animals. Or like Hitler said about this dirty business: " It is under an Aryans dignity to maintain colonies. (Written in Mein Kampf criticizing the few years under Bismarck and the Kaiser when Germany hold some colonies).  The imperialistic era of  England and USA are  long stories, later we take up these vast issues. Hopefully also others speak up about these most shameful countries of the West.

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