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Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. ( Jean Jaques Rousseau )                        Man needs to work with nature, not against it. (Thomas Ulf Nilsson)                        I prefer liberty with danger than peace with slavery. ( Jean Jaques Rousseau )                        The intellectual, tweed-wearing middle-class socialist didn't like the poor; they just hated the rich (Orwell)                        We swallow greedily any lie that flatters us, but we sip only little by little at a truth we find bitter. Denis Diderot                        Marxism and capitalism are equal. Both explore productive and creative men for the benefit of parasites. Thomas Nilsson.                        Useless laws weaken the necessary laws.(Montesquieu)                          Stilles wasser sind tief. (Still waters run deep). Friedrich Ludwig Schröder                         Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory.Albert Schweitzer                         Love is when you desire happiness of the others. Unconditional, without expecting anything in return. Buddha                        If we only wanted to be happy, it would be easy; but we want to be happier than other people, and that is almost always difficult, since we think them happier than they are. (Montesquieu)                         About true liberty: Abraham Lincoln may have freed all men, but Sam Colt made them equal.                        Die meisten Menschen brauchen mehr Liebe, als sie verdienen (Most people need more love than they deserve) Marie Freifrau von Ebner-Eschenbach                         You should neither judge, nor forgive. Leave such matters to the Destiny. Thomas Nilsson                         An injustice to one is a threat made to all. (Montesquieu)                         BOYCOTT BRAZIL: http://boycott-brazil4.webnode.com/why-boycott-brazil2/                         If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito. (Dalai Lama XIV)                         Christian theology is the grandmother of Bolshevism. Oswald Spengler.                         
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14/08/2018 - SECRETS OF LIFE. Inside out. Discipline.

The direction of energy must come from inside outwards.  If energy irradiate from you, you are producing instead of consuming. Giving instead of taking.


The same kind of reason is also valid for discipline. Without discipline, nothing will work more than shortsighted. Discipline is the motor of evolution, creation and progress and also the base of safety and survival. The same rules as above applies on discipline.


Discipline must come from inside. If the direction of discipline is from outside to inside, under a long time, the outcome is destructive. The correct direction for discipline is from your soul, through your brain, applied on your thoughts, your words and your body. From inside to outside. ...

05/08/2018 - Electronic reliance

Our confidence in digital and electronic devices, systems and security is sure excessive. Or, perhaps  do we not care?  The automatic systems are making us lazy, naive, apathic and ignorant. Here is an example of what can happen:

Security detectors are used to deter theft in stores and magazines. You cannot leave the local without paying for the product, if you try to leave without paying, a signal will beep and you will have a talk with the security. That is often the only control. It is now too expensive to employ people to control the local  and in many Western countries, the police do not handle theft or shoplifting under a certain value. The society has few resources to pay for human resources. So a lot of...

27/07/2018 - THE NEW OFFICE

The office began as a factory for processing information. If you were building ships, teaching children or caring for the sick, you had to go where the work happened: to shipyards, schools and hospitals. But if you were a clerk or a civil servant, a lawyer or an accountant, you just needed a place to sit and write, somewhere to store papers, and access to colleagues. So you went to an office. As the machinery of companies swelled, offices became larger and more specialized, swallowing up more space in towns and cities, and more and more of the people who lived there.


The office was conceived of as a machine: “People are cogs in the machine, and organizations are giant pieces of engineering, and it’s all about economy...

20/07/2018 - Modern cities: Stupid expansion, everyday on more and more inadequate areas

Cities has been built on locals once upon a time fit for urban living. Long time ago, plain fields near running water were perfect urban settlements. Upstreams, catch drinking water, downstream return sewer. Around the city, fields for food. All has now changed. Step for step in evolution the cities have adapted to new conditions and expanded horizontally in directions guided by infrastructure and financial shortsighted interests. As evolution yesterday was more comprehensible and easy to follow, the architects could easy adapt the buildings for human life, anticipating some 100 years of social development. Today, it is impossible to preview more than a decade, in best case.  


Stupidity turns farmland to trash. Today we could...

12/07/2018 - The universal receipt for success

Some people are concerned to prepare themselves against eventual disasters, lootings, social instability, in short, preparations for a dystopic scenario. Survivalists, or preppers, acquire emergency medical and self-defense training, stockpile food and water, prepare to become self-sufficient, and build structures (e.g., survival retreats or underground shelters) that may help them survive a catastrophe. This movement has become more and more popular and actual, especially in North America.


In some cases, these preppers are trespassing the limit of being paranoid, using their daily life for preparations of a future eventuality. That is not an efficient use of time. On the other side, to ignore the risk of collapse of a lot of...

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