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By repetitions, again and again, a new language can be pinned to your mind. One day you speak the new language spontaneously. In the beginning, the new language will be difficult to express and unclear  to understand, as you need time to translate the strange sounds to your own language. For example, if you want to translate the Portuguese sentence “a minha casa” which indicate the place where you live, to the sentence “my home”, or, “my house”, it will take more time until your mind visualize the meaning, than if you instantly perceive an image of your home. You start to learn the language by translations and you have to repeat it a lot to get it into your mind and reach the comfort zone where you automatically understands without to have to translate via any constructed language.

This is conditioning. Your sub-conscience is injected by some information, if you believe in it you can use the information fast and without further analyze. This is awesome when you learn to speak, to drive a car or turn specialist in a profession. You train and train and after some number of repetitions, your sub-conscience handle it.

The dark side of conditioning can be called brainwashing. The conditioning is useful for yourself but the brainwashing mostly benefits others, even if there is a special case, where the brainwashing is induced by one own. That example will be explained in the end of this article.

The process is the same for both, repeatedly training until the message is fixed in the mind. In politics, the propaganda is the tool for brainwashing. Praying is the effective tool for the most religions. When something is not possible to proof, or when arguments are doubtful and weak, or worse, when you are expected to believe in a lie, then the brainwashing is often used. If you welcome it, the indoctrination runs fast. If you first protest against it, it takes more time. However, if you not expressively reject it or if you don´t block it with strong argument, it is just a question of time when it finally is fixed on the mind.

A common example of brainwashing is praying. Very few religions pray about the most obvious moral statements and the most probable outfalls. The most kids have already learned it in early age. But when it comes to the perception of God and the issues after death, the belief must be strengthened and fixed in your mind. Praying is the tool to fix beliefs. Stubborn and critical people will require proofs for anything they are supposed to believe in. Desperate people, e.g. with poor economy or emotionally suffering, may need a belief, something positive, because if they not have the conditions to improve their life, they must rely on something invisible, or spiritual. If they not cling to an illusion, the hard reality can push them down by a spiral to the abyss.

That being said, religion is a special issue, as the praying often is self-selected. If it is benefit or deceptive must be up to everyone to evaluate. There is no doubt that praying is the primary condition to fix a belief.     
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