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Unipolar (“New”)World Order vs. Multipolar World Order
NOTICE ARCHIVE - 26/05/2024

The increased demonization of Vladimir Putin and Russia that has become alarming. Historically, when the West wants to overthrow a regime, they always start by demonizing and slandering its leaders. In this century we have seen clear examples with Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, Bashar al-Assad, Alexander Lukashenko and now Vladimir Putin.

They are often described without any deeper knowledge of the cultures of their nations but solely based on a desirable form of government defined by the West, as evil dictators and autocrats. Even as West appears less suited to criticize others, for lack of democracy, when on closer inspection West suffers from serious deficiencies in this form of government and appear to be governed by a corrupt political class that completely ignores the will and needs of the people, backed up by media with deafening silence.

Right now, a gigantic transformation of the “new world order” we got used to after the Second World War is actually taking place. A unipolar world order that expresses US hegemony, supported by a compliant Europe, is being replaced by a multi-polar world order, with a starting point in a "law-based world order" with respect for each country's rights and culture.

This applies both economically, culturally, militarily and politically, where the expansion of BRICS is the clearest example, but also the strengthening of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and China's Belt and Road Initiative by China.

An inevitable transformation
Since the West (USA, Canada, Australia and Europe) only consists of approx. 12% of the world's population, the Multipolar Order is an inevitable transformation. Many old colonies are tired of being exploited by the old colonial powers and are cutting ties with them, as in Niger with several countries in Africa, where both France and the USA have been thrown out, and instead they are leaning towards Russia and China .
See also that above all China with the assistance of Russia was able to negotiate a "friendship treaty" between Iran and Saudi Arabia, which for decades had a strong rivalry and enmity, encouraged by the USA, and they are now both members of BRICS since January. It is against this background that one must see the war in Ukraine in fact is a struggle between Russia and the USA/NATO (West), where Ukraine is sacrificed to satisfy the West's interest in overturning the regime in Russia and dividing this huge country into several smaller ones, seeing Russia as a major threat to US´s hegemony, patrolling and exploration of the rest of the World.
The ultimate motive behind NATO's expansion
Since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the US and NATO have aimed to expand NATO to control Russia so that it could not threaten US hegemony and at the same time seize their assets. It went great with Yeltsin, who´s government was a big contribute to the rampant looting of Russia.

When Putin came to power it became clear that he could not be controlled in the same way, not least after his speech at the Munich conference in 2007 where he went on a hard attack against the Unipolar world order.

The following year, the unipolar globalists opened the door for Ukraine and Georgia to become members of NATO, a serious and clear provocation against Russia. That this would probably lead to a civil war in Ukraine and probably also to a war between Russia and Ukraine in the long run was exactly what the US and NATO wanted. Demonize Putin and then arrange for the coup d'état in Kiev in 2014. After Russia annexed Crimea, they could also pour in sanctions, and make accusations of Putin's “imperial dreams”.

Sabotage of peace negotiations
When they got Putin to start a "Special Military Operation" (SMO), they also hindered Ukraine from an early peace agreement on 1 April 2022 through the intervention of Boris Johnson. Instead, they promised endless arms and money to Ukraine so that they could, if not defeat, at least weaken Russia, at the same time they would introduce draconian economic sanctions and all kinds of trade barriers against Russia and seize 300 billion dollars of Russian assets in Western European banks, outright theft. The hope was that this would lead to serious unrest in Russia, so that a "Moscow Maidan", a coup d'état, could be carried out.

In this theatre, also CIA agent Navalny played in their back pocket, exploited to death. All the Western media uniformly lined up for this plan and gave their wholehearted support with a grotesquely false picture of the order of things. With an effective silence of all alternative views and a total demonization of those who dared to express them.

As a result of this, all the politicians and militaries of the West have been able to stand up and lie rampantly and deceive their people with a well-rehearsed narrative of an unprovoked, illegal, large-scale attack on another democratic country, Ukraine. A democracy that has carried out ethnic cleansing against its own population, Russians in Donbass with 14,000 dead as a result, imprisoned opposition leaders, no free media allowed and ruled by a dictatorship with Stepan Banderas as national hero. Ukraine carries out state terrorism by murdering civilians in various attacks in Russia, attack purely civilian targets in Russia. This can never be mentioned but must be denied. West are the good guys and Russia and Putin the bad guys, that is the story which must be maintained at all costs.

The respect and credibility of the West decreases
The rest of the world clearly sees what is happening. The West has lost all respect and credibility in its desperate condemnations of Russia and Putin. The fact that Russia is now defeating the whole of NATO has led to complete panic in the West. Ukraine has lost approx. 600,000 and Russia only approx. one-tenth (60,000), which is completely unique in world history with a ratio of 1 to 10 of own losses to the enemy's.

Knowledgeable military assessors (Douglas Macgregor, Scott Ritter, Larry Johnson, Alexander Mercouris and others) believe that this is indeed the case, furthermore that ammunition is running out and many of the weapons, which the West cannot replace, is only a matter of time before Russia wins and Ukraine collapses. But the West refuses to recognize this fact, "we cannot allow Putin and Russia to win" several of the West's leaders exclaim. Those failed western leaders are becoming increasingly desperate and thus more dangerous, as they may be tempted to use nuclear weapons.

Another very startling fact is the incredibly low number of civilian casualties in this conflict. Now most people think I have written wrong, but when I read the UN report on the number of civilian casualties, it says that it is 10,852, after two years of war! This is exactly the opposite of the impressions that have been given by our establishment!

Compare this with Gaza
Compare these low numbers of civil victims with Israel's ongoing conflict in Gaza, which after six months is approaching four times as many as in Ucraine.  Or with the millions of civilian casualties in the US's war in the Middle East. But it shows the meaning of an Special Militar Operation waged by Russia, that it is an action against exclusively MILITARY objects. It is always tragic that they hit civilians, but the numbers show Russia's effort to avoid this, also consider that many of these are caused by Ukraine itself. But all this must never be noticed, you must still be able to demonize Putin and Russia, never make them human, right?
One wishes that politicians could reflect on the meaning of Henry Kissinger's statement: "Being an enemy of the United States can be dangerous, but being its friend can be fatal", and he, if anyone, should know. Also consider that the US has a habit of breaking its promises and agreements, (on NATO expansion, the Minsk agreements, Disarmament Agreements, the Peace Proposal 1/4 2022). Another example of the West's total lack of morality and righteousness, a moral stomach-churning of a gigantic format, is the explosion of Nordstream 2, one of the worst acts of economic terrorism carried out in Europe, with very serious economic, industrial and environmental consequences as a result, not least for Germany, an action most likely carried out by the US perhaps with helpful assistance from Norway and the UK. Exploded on Swedish territory, But Sweden, the underdog of USA, knows the perpetrator but must keep silent.

What happens when Ukraine collapses?
What will NATO do when Ukraine collapses? Don't we see that the US has lost all credibility in the rest of the world? Their stance in the Israel-Gaza conflict has led to the US being almost completely isolated, through its constant vetoes in the UN and has made large parts of the world's people realize that the US don´t have any moral compass. They are increasingly embracing China and Russia, which do not dictate their views on other cultures, but are looking for ways to conduct trade and economic development based on mutual respect.

When Joe Biden speaks about China, it is distressing to see the total lack of diplomacy and the astonishing arrogance he displays. His staff is consequently reprimanded and lectured like a small child by China's foreign minister and then also by President Xi Jinping, when they state that the US says one thing but in action does the opposite, which is why it is not possible to place any faith in what the US says and promises. Former US president Nixon knew how to treat nations like China, Biden don´t. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjnkOsDAAfo (Nixon explains relations with China)
The rest of the world rushes on while the USA and Europe are destroying themselves, not least through foolish so-called "climate policy", unnecessary rearmament, and an unrestrained immigration that leads to great tensions and costs. A Multipolar world order is an inescapable fact, we can only hope that it does not have to mean that the Unipolar world order will fight to the last drop of blood, it would probably mean a third world war with nuclear weapons as the West cannot win militarily with conventional weapons.

For the above reasons, it is important to counteract the hysterical "Russophobia" that now prevails. Try to see the truth in the white eye, that Putin is only taking advantage of his country's legitimate interests and defending Russians and protecting their culture. That this war has been forced upon him by the US/NATO, with the strong approval of Europe. If we instead reach an understanding, diplomacy, based on mutual respect, we have the key to achieve peaceful development at this critical stage.

Stop the provocations!

It is therefore of the utmost importance to stop the provocations against Putin and Russia. Instead, try to understand the true causes of this conflict. If you don't understand the cause, you can't solve the problem! But this probably requires both wisdom and courage, which are unfortunately absent in the modern West, which increasingly appears as, with its false image, a corrupt bunch of sycophants, which the rest of the world now realizes more clearly and also distances itself from.

If this description of mine as above rises offense or criticism, I would like to invite you to listen to the links I leave below to speeches by Professor Jefferey Sachs, Professor John Mersheimer and Alexander Mercouris. After all, it is a pious hope that a true analysis of the world around us could benefit more people, not least in the media, authorities and politics, as it is of decisive importance to be able to make the right choice for the future, in this critical time. As this is probably wishful thinking, it is instead directioned to a wider public's growing insight into the state of reality that one can pin hopes on.

Free translated and modified of the article “Varför demoniseras Putin och Ryssland?” by Johan Nordquist, source https://frihetsnytt.se/debatt-varfor-demoniseras-putin-och-ryssland/

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