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TURKEY - Next target?
SOCIETY AND POWER - 14/08/2018

Turkey is the latest target for US trade barriers, faces sanctions against top ministers and is even having its purchasing of advanced US weapons reconsidered. The Anatolian country’s leaders have indicated they are beginning to look elsewhere, feeling like the US is trying “to make Turkey surrender in all areas, from finance to politics.


Turkey has imprisoned a US pastor named Andrew Brunson for alleged terrorism and espionage.
Obviously the US government wants him back. So Uncle Sam has slammed Turkey with economic sanctions. Turkey’s economy was already wobbly before the sanctions. The country is suffering the effects of debilitating debt and persistent recession.



Now the economy is getting absolutely destroyed. Turkey’s currency, the lira, is down some 45% this year and over the past week, the currency was down as much as 35%. In just one week, the savings of the Turkish people lost over one-third of its value.



So, why do not Turkey throw out NATO and find other friends?

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