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The Asian opportunity - and risk
SOCIETY AND POWER - 25/11/2018

Wealth and inequality have been with us for all our human history. Things get rocky when that gap grows large enough, or is even just perceived as large. In the beginning of the 20th century, factory owners in USA and Europe felt the pressure from workers, They had started to organize themselves in syndicates, in spite of low wages, harsh conditions and extended work shifts. Smart capitalists made deals with politicians and syndicates, the workers got a little better conditions, far from acceptable conditions regarding safety and life quality, but sufficient to avoid rampage. The tsar in Russia were not so flexible, Russia did not change much to the better. So – 1918, the revolution broke out an throw Russia with satellite states into a brutal Soviet communist regime which inflicted the nation in about 80 years. 



Invariably, this inequality gets “corrected” either by a government or an armed revolution. Wealth is either taken by the state and redistributed, or taken by pitchfork, machete, or gun wielding mob. We’re kind of at the point now where wealth and income inequality has once again gotten pretty pronounced.



Invariably, the “solutions” don’t lift the disadvantaged up, but simply drag the privileged down. And wealth isn’t the only type of inequality. What’s next? Leftist schools in America and Europe are stil polluting the Western society. Forcing the best athletes to carry weights, or bringing down the smart kids’ test scores. Inequality is part of human nature. We are not all going to be born with the same skills, intelligence, desires, and preferences.


In Europe and America, the people have turned too lazy and brainwashed to be able to take care of themselves. Experimental ideologies, far from Natural laws, rooted in Christianity and Communism have in an invisible, subtile association weakened strong people to couch potatoes. In Japan – still suffering American occupation, the things are similar. But in other Asian countries, the things are different. And these countries will bring Europe and America to order – o at least, to another kind of order, different the Paradise the Democratic Illusion has promised.


However, some of these Asian countries should be more aware of the risk of correction of inequality. Their eager to export for the best price to the decadent West keep their workers salaries and conditions too low and in some cases, it is even under the limit the Russian tsar 1918 had established. The World needs balance and compatibility to Natural laws and respect for environment, not a new communist monster. These countries must be smarter and more flexible and first of all, better respect and care of their own population. If they will manage to transform a consuming decadent West to an obedient producer for Asian well-being. If their domestic politics continue inflexible like that of the Russian Tsar reign, it can end up with total disaster.

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