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ECOLOGY - 02/12/2018

Environment is a serious issue. For the World and for human destiny. For some people, an opportunity for profit. For others, an opportunity to power. And for some, just a symbol for status, showing “consideration” for environment.


 As long as “Red wine socialists” – that´s party members and supporters of Marxist theories, claiming communism and equality for us, but self living in pleasant neighborhoods far far away from the reality and problematic suburbs. After a century of alliance with workers, the socialist parties must look for other support, as well paid workers prefer to vote on right wing or even conservative parties. So beyond the support to a lot of obscure minority groups, the socialists are making red-green coalitions, which automatically connect environment care with Marxist ideology.


Nothing can be more wrong. Marxist ideology is completely far remote from Natural Laws. Countries like China are making dirty footprints. And China is Communist. Or? However, if there is any doubt over Chinas faith to Marxism, the former Soviet Union is probably not questionable. They really where Masters of creating big natural catastrophs. For example,  the drought of the former gigantic Aral See.


If the leftists, especially the green ones, “the Environmental Parties”, are questionable for their faked environmental efforts and intentions, the capitalists are not any better. A lot of big companies are making “environmental friendly” efforts. Because it is good propaganda. Status. In minor scale, it is status when a rich house owner dresses his roof with solar panels, showing neighbors he is “environmentally acquainted”.  Showing consideration for environment gives payback. At least capitalists have such vision. And are probably right in their efforts as they get their money back, in double.


So, Green Energy and Environmental consideration is all fake and should be quit, as it serves asocial intentions?  Not at all. And of course the economy has importance – but not the way it is abused by the Capitalists or by their leftist materialist friends.


Environmental consideration must come from the will to make good domestic economy and gain liberty and independence. If green energy devices and ecology products costs more than normal products, the people will turn their back to these alternatives. And only nerds will cockscomb around like peacocks in vanity, earning money today, but losing credibility for tomorrow. And all the environmental idea and importance fall apart……


Environment is bloody serious and you as an individ cannot do so much more than finding out how to use sustainable sources and recycle, but it is not OK if you have to pay more for being a human of consideration as you must do if you eat ecological products or use renewable energy. If the government not manage to make environmental issues economic, like recycling and using all kind of energy as smart as possible, you can bet that these politicians are bought by the big company lobby, or, just are poor minded hazy green bean socialist with nothing more than rethoric and utopic to offer.

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