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Recycling Cultivation
ECOLOGY - 20/01/2019

Fish and tomatoes in symbiosis - both a fish and tomato farm where the fish never gets sick and where there are no emissions that affect the environment.


The closed system cultivation of fish and tomatoes can be made in a harvest rate of weight of 1:10. It's about a regular cycle where the water in the fish farm is pumped out as  nutrients to the vegetable plants that grow in gravel in the greenhouse and then the gravel filter the water which is led back to the fish tank. The system is closed and cleans itself, the water only needs to be changed once a year. The only thing that is added is the fish's food and sunlight, or artificial light.


When the water flow through the gravel bed, germs convert the nutrition that comes from the fish to nutrients that the tomatoes take up. No nutrition spills into the environment, you know what you get on the plate, how the food is grown and you do not have to add medicines to the fish.

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