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Passwords. A lesson from Simon.

Have a unique password for every website or account. DO NOT USE THE SAME PASSWORD FOR MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS. If hackers obtain that single password, they’ll be able to access your entire life.
Use a long password, at least 14 characters with a random combination of letters, numbers, and special characters. Avoid “dictionary words”, or anything that looks like a dictionary word. For example, “simon” is a terrible password. And “s!mon” isn’t much better. Also avoid anything familiar. Your kid’s name. Your dog’s name. Your favorite movie. Your phone number.


Good passwords are things like: 5rlIrw1t$,bhg7I3y!


It takes some boring minute time to tap it. It would take centuries for a supercomputer to crack that one. Now, obviously we can’t possibly remember dozens of cryptic passwords.That’s the biggest reason why people so frequently reuse the same password over and over again across multiple websites, or even their home’s Wifi router.Fortunately there are several “password managers” that exist, like 1Password, which allow you to maintain an easy, secure, encrypted database of your passwords on your own computer. The idea is that you only have to remember a single master password which allows you to decrypt the database and access the rest of your passwords.


Password managers make password security much easier as long as your master password is highly secure.One tool to create and remember a secure password is to think of a sentence or phrase that you can more easily remember.For example, “Simon really loves Italian red wine in the summertime, because he goes to Italy every year!”


Then you could use that sentence as a code by inserting the first letter in each word as the password:




and then make it more secure by adding/substituting numbers and special characters for the letters.




That’s a very secure password, AND it’s a LOT easier to remember.
As a final note, be VERY cautious with unsecure, public WiFi. Surfing the Internet in those cases is like shouting your passwords across a crowded room. It makes it very easy for hackers to steal from you. If you can’t avoid unsecure networks, then at least make sure you use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to first establish a secure connection. This is very difficult to hack and one of the best ways to ensure your data won’t be stolen over an unsecure network. Now– please go change your passwords ;)


SOURCE: Sovereign Man

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