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ECONOMY - 04/02/2019

Why not just kill criminals? Establishing hard rules will, if brutally executed, lower the criminal records to tolerable levels. The criminality today is sky-rocking and never have so many disgusting, antisocial elements been allowed to set free in the streets. Just impose death penalty with low tolerance and the Universities of Crime – that is the “rehabilitation institutions” or as it was expressed in plain language, the jails, should be emptier and cost less tax payment money, thus avoiding the recurrence crimes the leftist social assistants and soft judges are responsible for, as they pollute civilization with primitive thugs.


No, we cannot kill. We Buddhists do not resolve problems by killing others. Real love to the next – not that Christian fake passion where you expect to get bonus if you pray to God and say you love your next. Buddhism pledge true love that is love and compassion without expectations of payback. A receipt which works, but many people find it difficult to follow, many prefer comfort and cuddling their ego. Therefore we are at the moment too few Buddhists in the World to be able to make a significant difference and changes in political and moral direction. But Buddhist philosophy is not the question in this article over material issues. Read Buddhism by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, already published on this site. Back to the thematic:


As the World today is in strong materialistic behavior, embracing capitalism and communism and letting material elements influence religions, principally common in Christianism, it is just a question of time until the citizens accept killing of prisoners. The day resources lack and the damage of criminals permeate all the society like water wet and weight a sponge, then the people will kill prisoners. And as always when the pendulum too fast turn from one extreme pole to another, the killings will certainly extend and include other people, if innocent or not.


But the real criminals are too big, too smart and too safe to easily be killed. The worst criminals are trusted by many, hated by others, but too powerful to get rid of. They also manage to very skilled hide their sinful crimes.  At least as long democracy and soft society rule. The real criminals are government and banks.


The two are connected. As the Swedish song “Staten och kapitalet” tells:
Side by side, they help each other out, the State and Capital are sitting in the same boat.
They aren’t the one’s rowing, rowing so the sweat is dripping. And the whip that tickles, doesn’t tickle their fat necks either…
(The complete lyrics you find here; “https://lyricstranslate.com/en/staten-och-kapitalet-state-and-capital.html )


Bank and government, finance and politics, are glued together and cannot separate, they need each other and every tentative to smash them are violently defeated. That was what Hitler and his Germans must learn when their Third Reich succumbed in a bold try to put the System on another trail. That is what Khadaffi got in his ass when he tried to introduce an African currency in cost of the US dollar. And so on. The bank and the materialistic leftist/capitalist government hate nationalism. That is the main reason why small rightwing populist parties so often are compared with Hitler´s Nazi regime. What is partly right in a political, financial and social essence is shadowed by metaphors of atrocities, as the propaganda against nationalism desperately try to hide constructive virtues under mistakes committed under war. But we seldom hear the other side of the story, as only the victorious has the right to talk. We have too less information to be able to make an analyze and correct interpolation of the truth between the opposite poles! Nationalism can significantly reduce the size of the power of the rulers in capitalist and communist regimes whose “ideologies” strive to rule and explore by size and spread disagreement, not by quality and family. In fact, leftists and conservatives translate all the issues to a question of money. These evil regimes reduce the power of the individual, the family and finally the small Nation to nothing. 


So, banks and governments are in partnership against the tax payer. They suck her and throw her skin and bones away. They suck her blood and cut her meat in pieces, which they throw to the dogs, the voters who by ignorance and corruption support and protect them.


Just an example: The government put criminals on the street and let the digital space be full of hackers, whose only eventual punishment results in a time reduced stipendium in jail, that´s the Criminal Highschool. So, the bank must protect you. And if it overprotects you, it can facture on you. So they make a big affair about security and equip you with all kind of devices, biometric and passwords so you can cheat the criminal. Hopeless of course, as the delinquent always is anticipating, when you use part of your time and work for paying taxes, she uses her time to organize or inventing new sort of crimes. .


An example of the grip bank has over us.: I lost some ATM/credit cards in vain and had to bother me much more than should be necessary in a civilized society. Once, in an airport, I was not fast enough with my pin code, after a record short time of 3 seconds, the ATM box swallowed my card and refused to spit it out.  Probably it minced it in small pieces “to protect me” . My bank had an still open branch, just beside the ATM, but  I did not have any chance to get the card back. Or take out any money on my passport or something like that. The staff said they felt deeply sorry for me (Thanks guys, so nice and lovely), but unfortunate they could not do anything for me, as the "system", the rules and the blablabla do not permit any interference. Another occasion happened some months later. I had after a 30 hour journey the bad idea to take out money from the arrival airport in foreign country. My jetlag dizzy brain exchanged the pin code and then it was impossible to get the card unblocked. After the third attempt, I remembered my pin code, but, no chance. By the rules of this bank, I had to personally present a card, a bankbook in the bank office….


Why this paranoid behavior from a big institution?  The bank arguments protect us from criminality and insist repeating that the system must be very safe as there are so many cyberattacks, so many criminals free to do whatever they want to get your money. And the government refer to Human Rights (yes, not yours, only the worst humanoids rights). And they absolutely charge the bank about information of you, so they can block your account, even before any verdict has been outspoken. Just to make it safe you not run away with your own money. If they want, they can do it. In any country, they can do it. Especial vulnerable are countries who abandon money for credit cards, who take away physical cash from circulation, who rely on an automatic, digital system. In such countries, you have ceased to the duet of State and Bank. You are completely under protection of the worst mafia the World ever has experienced. 


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