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Mob and freaks in command
SOCIETY AND POWER - 10/10/2015

Plato taught that the disorder settles in society when important and prestigious positions are occupied by unqualified people. This refers mainly to those who have acquired resources without moral and cultural basis. When such people are spread on the leadership of society, they first bring material damage, corruption penetrates the soul of society, the parasites sucks and finally the whole structure collapses.

When this happens natural order enter and the command is overtaken by skilled people. When the facade of the old structure is blown away, only skilled leader will rule. They maybe primitive and also in some meaning “simple”, but they are guaranteed the  most intelligent. All previous “maybe-leaders” who sucked the society hidden by cosmetics and a bureaucratic curtain, corrupt by money and comfort, will succumb. 

Hieronymos Bosch, Dutch painter of the 15th century, illustrated the celebrations of ordinary “simple” people in satirical paintings in early time. Nothing has changed, today the primitive display remains the same, even increased under the wings of Marxism.

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