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Islamic values applicable to politics:
SOCIETY AND POWER - 16/03/2019

Man is created with dignity, freedom and power in addition to responsibility and accountability. How can it be right to enslave men whose mothers have delivered them free? Freedom and dignity are unalienable rights to all people, regardless of ethnicity, gender or creed. Freedom is delivered with responsibility and accountability.


Man´s life is sanctified to the extent that whoever kills one person is equivalent to killing all humankind. Whoever protects one person’s life is equivalent to giving life to all humankind.
Human rights start with humans before their conception.


The State must take full responsibility for providing health and education. When citizens establish private measures to provide education and health services, it must be done under socially accepted standards, approved by society.


The government must observe in exploiting natural resources, taxation and finance the interests of future generations.


Leading members of the government must possess the highest level of intellectual excellence that would enable them to better serve their society.
Efforts must be exerted to eradicate illiteracy in all forms, and to encourage citizens to develop their intellectual faculties.


Private property must be protected. The rights to own homes, productive assets and develop one’s human capital must be fulfilled.
Markets must be organized as competitive outlets where well-informed citizens can freely exchange.


All institutions in the system must follow rules that reduce the cost of obtaining information about their operations to the public, and guarantee a continuous flow of information that allows the public to make judgments and stop or modify any process that contradicts their preferences.
Rules must be set to provide citizens with the right to obtain information, to respond and correct misinformation in the media and to refer when necessary to records and documentation.
Political, social and economic processes must include a mechanism that makes the decision maker accountable to stakeholders. In addition, accountability at the level of each process must be subject to review by a higher echelon in the system, in order to insure that no processes contradict social preferences.


Communication media, based on low cost internet services, must be equally accessible to the poor and the rich. This can be done through providing low-cost computers and internet connections, free internet centers to the poor, where they can access news media, and free access to social networks.

Advertising in the media must be prevented from influencing the information presented in the media. Media staff (reporters, newscasters, writers, editors, etc.) must be supervised separately from the media commercial department. Media sources of income must be declared and be subject to verification and periodical evaluation. Rules governing advertising in media must be made part of controlling finance of election campaigns. Activities of potential interest groups must be closely monitored and regulated in a way that prevents biased media information or undue influence of members of some government branches.


In a world with costly information, the wealthy can purchase, manufacture and manipulate more information than the poor can. This provides them with an edge in engaging the political system. Measures must be taken through constitutional and legal edicts to avoid lobbying. Lobby is performed by interest groups that, based on one or more shared political preferences, work together to influence public policy in their favor usually by lobbying members of the government or carrying out propaganda campaigns to convince voters to be influenced and eventually change their intentions.

The political system influences the economic system directly and vice versa. The economic system defines the economic power-base for the state. Both systems should therefore be interdependent.


A true Islamic political system protect these basic values and make it operative.

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