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SURVIVAL in the tropical rainforest

6 months have passed since our friend stepped into the tropical rainforest in North of Vietnam. He will eat a lot, a rainforest is the best place to get off grid in. He find all what he needs. He will show us how to build a shelter, a stove, how to hunt and fish, how to deal with harsh situations, dangers to avoid, how to make useful tools etc etc...The living conditions here are easy if we keep attention and know about the conditions. The rainforest is a place full of unforeseen dangers and risks but skills are learned through books, the internet and real life experiences.
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Forest animals are many but it is almost impossible to see them because they are often the ones who go to dinner. Wild boars are probably the most common in nature because their natural enemies (tigers, leopards, pythons ...) are almost extinct due to excessive hunting by humans. But it is not easy to catch them because they are very wary of the smell of other species. Local people all over the world have many different ways to catch but here they often dig a big hole right in their path, which leads them to the area with food or water.



Since ancient times, food preservation has played an important role in survival, especially meat. In each region with different climatic conditions, there are different preservation methods. In sunny areas, dry climate, meat can be dried or dried; In low temperature places, meat can be buried in snow, sugar or salt but what about in the tropical rainforest ? Temperatures fluctuate from 25 to 38 °C , almost absolute humidity and no salt or sugar (Very suitable for growing mold) ... The best way is that the meat is hung on the fire continuously for many days, it is dried, covered and sealed by a layer of black smoke outside and can be stored for several months. It can be eaten directly, but the meat will taste bitter. The best way to eat it is to wash the meat through clean water, boil for a long time, remove the water and use it normally. Smoked meat has an indescribable aroma ...



Plants in the tropical rainforest are diverse, many species have toxins that affect the nervous system or the digestive system of animals. However, there is only one species that affects one species and does not affect the other. Taking advantage of this, Aboriginal people all over the world have used toxins to hunt. Here the fish is poisoned by toxic plants.


At the beginning of the rainy season is the time when insects thrive in the rainforest. They eat leaves or suck rotting animal carcasses at night. In the daytime, they hid in the big hollows waiting for the night to fall. Insects are rich in protein and can be dangerous for people with protein allergies. In addition, when using this type of food, it should be noted that areas with toxic leaves, insects that eat these leaves. To avoid contamination or poisoning we should catch them in the evening or eliminate their digestive system if it is early in the morning.


Winter is approaching and the most important thing is to keep looking for more food sources. When it's cold, it's time for the forest to go to sleep. For more food, going along the stream is not a bad idea, because every creature needs to come here for water. Of course, all the risks are also waiting here. There are many poisonous plants in the stream that cause burns or even pain in direct contact with the skin. Dangerous predators can also be found near the water, such as leopards, snakes and bears. There are also a myriad of dangerous insects such as spiders, scorpions or centipedes and they can carry lethal toxins.



The stream right next to it has many beautiful stones. a stone furniture is not a bad idea, this place can eat and admire the poetic stream every morning. When thirsty, drink right at the stream. Very simple...



Nutrition for the body is essential, in addition to protein, there must be starch and vitamins. Now it is early spring so the seeds are few but fortunate because there are a number of plants that contain a large amount of starch in their bodies. Here, forest palm trees, they are everywhere. In addition to their core starch, there is still a small amount of sugar. There are also many types of leaves with sour taste and pleasant aroma. These plants can be eaten and provide a large amount of vitamin C.

Around the forest there are many strategic places, but the most important is nearby water. It is necessary to find a place with dripping water or a small stream. ...

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